Monero [XMR] in circulation is mined by using Malware 14072
Ashmita Dutta
Jun 12, 2018 at 7:46 PM

Monero [XMR] cryptocurrencies in circulation in the crypto market are currently being mined using malware. 5% of the total Monero [XMR] coins use malware for getting mined. BCFocus has reported about the machines responsible to mine Monero [XMR] are cryptojacked through the Operation Prowli.

On a daily basis, 2% of the hashrate is derived from machines infected with malware. The report from the researchers of Palo Alto Networks suggests that malware samples of 629,126 are detected in the operation of cryptocurrency mining.

Monero as a popular cryptocurrency

The researchers stated that 84% of the detected malwares are involved in Monero [XMR] coin mining. With the help of certain factors the researchers have successfully detected the money generated on the infected machines. These factors include embedding of the Monero [XMR] mining malware on source code and address used by Monero [XMR] cryptocurrency.

Investigation is conducted on the nine distinctive mining pools with 2341 Monero [XMR] addresses. It is detected that 531,6663 samples of malware are directed towards mining this cryptocurrency. As per the researchers at Palo Alto Networks, 798,613.33 Monero [XMR] coins are mined by criminal section. They have used malware for infecting the devices.

The amount ranges more than $108 million in US dollars. This is eventually 5% of the total Monero (XMR) circulated in the market which is 15,962,350 XMR. The researchers have stated, "The total hashrate of roughly 19MH/s would result in approximately $30,443 per day based on today’s current exchange rates and network difficulty."

The researchers further added,"Similarly, the top three hashrates will mine approximately $2,737, $2,022 and $1,596 per day, respectively." The researchers have managed to find out that the malware infected device mined 19,503,823.54 hashes each second. This is nearly 2% of the total hashing power involved in the Monero [XMR] network.

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