Nano [NANO] Launches Exchange Platform for Music Lovers 12089
Shrestha Purohit
Jun 5, 2018 at 2:54 PM

Now NANO is used to buy old record tapes, rock music CDs and retro music.This wallet is available on one of the UK based online store. They have also launched a wallet for this. For this companies have shaken hands for better and faster transaction.

NANO recently launched a wallet named ‘Jolt’. Team of Jolt declared their official launch and it became their very first endorser for Jolt. Jolt is the latest hardware wallet in the market that is managed by cryptocurrencies. In the recent past, an exchange website named PVP.Me also declared their collaboration with NANO, a low latency Platform. PVP.Me operated NANO Block-lattice technology, this technology eliminated the waiting time to micro-transaction.

PVP.ME is a person-to-person betting platform where odds are decided by the user itself. This partnership of the companies is helping the users in quicker exchange and a fee reduction on the exchange.  PVP.ME has more than 150k users registered with over 4 million betting per month.

NANO has the most rapidly growing coin in the market. They are gaining the feet in different departments. They are giving importance to new Bitcoin by introducing NANO payment gateway wallets.

Currently, a post from Redditor on compan's Reddit reveals, how customers can buy music and different merchandised from this website using NANO been the payment method. The online music store owner stated on Reddit, “Hey everyone! I’m the owner of the ambient label Insight Music based in the UK and I’ve recently implemented the Nano payment gateway to our official website. I've been keen to add multiple payment options to the website over the past few months, and yesterday I was able to add Nano as a secure payment option. Until the 18th June, you can use the coupon code 'nano15' to receive 15% off full priced items.We ship all our items globally. If you have any questions, let me know!

With this, they are providing their customer with flexible payments on the store item, but NANO users also get discount.

There were some comments from Reddit

The music store owner and Redditor posted,

Until the 18th June, you can use the coupon code ‘nano15’ to receive 15% off full priced items.”

Rigidyork, a Redditor says,

Awesome website, we need more websites like this who are accepting Nano.”

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