NEM (XEM): ISARQ implements Catapult, NEM Blockchain’s new version 16946
Chaitanya Thammaya
Jun 25, 2018 at 3:28 PM

NEM (XEM) Blockchain’s new version, CATAPULT has been implemented by ISARQ. The project was compiled, installed and implemented by Venezuelan engineers who are part of ISARQ’s Projects and Developments, scientific team. Copyright Bank, the digital rights platform based on NEM recently announced a partnership with

NEM’s decentralized Blockchain network’s high performance, scalability, advanced functionality ensure that it differs from all others. Its application interface ensures that solutions for different sectors are integrated quickly and in different programming languages. Mijin, the commercial Blockchain allows people to create a blockchain on a peer-to-peer network easily. Tech Bureau, a fintech and cryptocurrency company developed the first version of Mijin based on NEM’s technology. CATAPULT is Mijin’s 2nd version.

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The Blockchain’s new version brings in some important new features in the NEM Blockchain. One of those features is the Multi-level Multi-Signature Accounts (MLMA). This ensures different business models have more security adaptability. Additionally, by incorporating logical AND / OR operators for multifirm levels, processes become more flexible.

Another relevant feature in CATAPULT is Aggregate transactions. A smart contract enables you to send several transactions all together. Thereby, the possibility of automation between different actors is increased. With these improved features, CATAPULT becomes the first blockchain platform to offer these applications.

Pablo Romero, the president of ISARQ said,

"We are looking forward to the release of the CATAPULT code, until it was finally a fact. Being open source, we create a laboratory with the necessary environment and permanently execute tests of functionalities, stress, load and stability ".

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When the downloadable code was initially released by Tech Bureau, there was virtually no documentation. Romero explained further and said,

"We made links with Japanese programmers who were guiding us. The work was done in a 64-bit architecture, using a stable and veteran Linux distribution: Slackware.”

According to him the main obstacle which they had to overcome was the parameters required for the compilation and the versions of the libraries. He further added,

"This is why we see ourselves in the moral commitment to replicate this help to other programmers in the NEM community and the Slackware community."

These efforts according to Romero, go hand in hand with the company’s vision,

"Our experience in the banking sector tells us that sooner or later the financial sector will strengthen ties with block chains as a substantive element of its business logic. Because we have an obsession with quality, high performance, flexibility to adapt to innovation and CATAPULT has it all.”

This he says is why he recommends people to use the new NEM platform.

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