NetCents might add XRP to their list of supported tokens 21717 Cards
Rakesh Ranjan Parashar
Aug 26, 2018 at 7:07 AM

There is every possibility that NetCents might add XRP to their list of supported tokens with the new NetCents crypto credit card. In a tweet on 24 August, 2018 NetCents announced that it would be launching a branded cryptocurrency credit card to the Canadian and European markets. The card could be used anywhere, at over 40 million merchants worldwide, that accept Visa or Mastercard.

Unlike other prepaid cryptocurrency cards in the market, NetCents cardholders will not have to pre-load cryptocurrency onto their card, eliminating the risk of the value of the cryptocurrency fluctuating between the time the user loads it and the time they spend it. The card will be tied directly into users’ NetCents wallets, allowing cardholders to directly spend the cryptocurrency in their wallet.

Users will be able to select up to three cryptocurrencies that they would like to be able to spend on their card. The  card will be integrated into the NetCents mobile application and have chip, pin, mag stripe, and NFC functionality.

The company will be adopting its merchant Instant Settlement technology to convert the funds from cryptocurrency to fiat for real-time consumer purchasing and merchant payouts allowing users to spend their cryptocurrency anywhere.

The tweet got an instant reply form XRP Research Center asking them to consider adding XRP to their list of supported tokens. To which the Netcents team replied:

“We would be happy to speak with the XRP team if they reached out.”

So, this is every possibility of XRP being adopted in this payment service which is a good example of the growing acceptance of Ripple and XRP.  It’s slowly but surely happening and there is every possibility that XRP can become the number one token when it comes to the utility space.

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