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Sep 3, 2018 at 8:08 PM


Ethereum Blockchain to be used to find the next K-Pop Idol

Blockchain technology has no doubt revolutionized the technological world, used is several spheres like remittance payments, hospital recordsdissemination of universal basic income etc. but one of its most interesting applications is in Korea’s entertainment industry.The South Korean entertainment provider, z-POP Dream Project intends to use the technology to find the new K-Pop star and build the upcoming entertainment platform. K-Pop or Korean Pop has become the new face of the Korean entertainment industry, with its popularity not just limited to Asia but has spread throughout the world. Read more

Blockchain to be ushered in by the new Colombian President

Colombia has joined the ranks of many countries that have introduced and embraced Blockchain technology and have looked to virtual currencies as the future of payments.Ivan Duque, the newly elected President of Columbia has been very clear about the need to push modern technology into the mainframe and other government officials have also expressed a keen interest in the role Blockchain and the incorporation of cryptocurrencies can play. Read more

Microsoft embraces Blockchain Technology, connecting it with their Main Products

Microsoft Azure, the company’s cloud computing service brought in the wave of the Blockchain to the cloud and now that same technology is spreading to other products within the tech company’s arsenal.Slowly but surely, Microsoft has been building a slew of networks between its blockchain providers and other platforms, such as Sharepoint Online, Salesforce, Office 365 Outlook, Dynamics 365 Online, SAP and even Twitter, as stated by the General Manager of Microsoft Azure, Matt Kerner. Customers can transport their data from the aforementioned products to these platforms and from there onto a blockchain. Read more

CertiK’s ‘AutoScan’ service for blockchain security; Binance finds it interesting

According to a Medium blog published by CertiK, blockchain is prone to hacking. Over $ 2 billion have been stolen as a result of attacks on Smart Contracts based on the blockchain technology. In one of the most well-known examples, the hack of a major crowdfunding project, The DAO, resulted in losses of over $50 million USD.Further, the post showcases how with the help of Certik AutoScan Engine, enterprises dealing with cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges can identify vulnerable areas and eliminate risks. Read more

Blockchain continues to grow in Asia, report suggests

While the cryptocurrency market continues to go through a phase of uncertainty and volatility with little hopes of an imminent recovery, blockchain technology continues to hold its sway over the people in the world’s most populous continent, Asia.According to a report by CNBC, job creation figures related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Asia are showing an upward spike and this been continuing for quite some time. The report also mentions that both startups and established corporations have set their sights on the evolution of the blockchain technology. Read more

VeChain ties up with China’s PICC to explore blockchain tech in insurance

VeChain has partnered with People's Insurance Company of China (PICC), among the world’s largest insurers with $126 billion total assets, to bring blockchain technology into the insurance space.Under the partnership, which also includes Norwegian quality assurance and risk management firm DNV GL, China-based PICC will offer blockchain solutions to help enhance the insurance process. Read more


Ripple CEO speaks on Bitcoin scalability challenges, cross-border payments & more

Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, spoke about existing banking system, current state of cross-border payments and Bitcoin scalability challenges. The discussions took place on the Stanford Legal podcast.Garlinghouse while taking about cross-border payments, he mentioned how base layer innovation can reduce the cost associated with it. He said, “That takes time and friction and any type of talk about friction is its cost. If we do it more efficiently, we can accelerate the global industries that we’re talking about.” Read more

Japan’s chief financial regulator steps up screening of cryptocurrency exchange applicants

The Financial Services Agency, Japan's financial watchdog has upgraded its scrutinising measures for cryptocurrency exchanges' applicants. As per the local news media, Japan Times, FSA has  “increased the number of questions asked when screening applications to about 400 items”. The published report of 2nd September has stated that the step up has been four times compared to the previous standards for registration of applicants for opening cryptocurrency exchanges. Read more

Balance offers secure offline storage for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Stellar Lumens & others

Balance, a Canadian pioneer in digital asset management and storage services, has recently unveiled its Balance Custody. Balance Custody is a secure offline storage and digital asset management solution that will a boon in the fields of finance and banking. The solution will likely offer “military grade security” and will also support eight major crypto assets. Read more

What is GeoGnomo? Cardano aims to improve Interoperability standards with it

Cardano Foundation is aiming to improve interoperability standards. To do so, Cardano has reportedly financed an open-source project known as GeoGnomo. It is an open-source project created by Long Finance’s Distributed Futures research programme. It is founded to research on various methods of smart ledger geo-stamping — a combination of geolocation and timestamping information. In a recent Long Finance publication, it was revealed that GeoGnomo is exploring different kinds of geocoding for use in smart contracts. Read more

IOTA clears vehicular application test to upgrade privacy

The research paper of IOTA has given a clear indication of it being successful in the vehicular application test for improving the privacy. The paper entitled, "IOTA Feasibility and Perspectives for Enabling Vehicular Applications”was published on 29th August. The study has shed light on the feasibility of leveraging IOTA Tangle that contributes towards strengthening the privacy factors in the vehicular applications. Read more

Binance comes in full support for Africa; says the country needs stronger financial structure and scalability

Binance has stepped forward extending its support to Africa. The leading global exchange expects that Africa's financial structure will be refurbished by tailoring the loop holes and inducing the required elements that are meant to advance the country in a much advanced manner. Benjamin Rameau, the Director of Binance Labs, through a Medium post spelled out the ‘10 reasons why Binance Labs is fully committed to Africa’. Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) surge expected as $100m Tether (USDT) goes to Bitfinex exchange

Bitcoin pump is expected as, according to the reports, $100 million worth of Tether (USTD) has been transferred to BitFinex from cold storage. The pump is expected because enormous amount of USDT being moved to an exchange means people are planning a huge number of Bitcoins, cepicap reported.The last two time when something like this happened – July 24 and August 21 of 2018 – a rise in BTC price was noticed. On July 24, BTC moved almost $800 taking BTC price from $7690 to $8502 whereas on August 21, BTC moved almost $650 taking BTC price from $6250 to $6899. Read more

Despite Struggle, Bitcoin predicted to reach high of $20K: Tom Lee

Tom Lee, the founder of the Market Research and Strategy company Fundstrat and known for the optimism he espouses in the Bitcoin market, has suggested that 2018 will be very positive for Bitcoin and it will reach a high of $20,000.Bitcoin, being the differentiated financial product that it is, has not followed the same path as the other traditional products like gold, there seems to be no parallel between the two, said Tom Lee in an interview with CNBC. Read more

Filecoin prepares for lift-off, decides to go public

Filecoin is planning to go public in the coming months. Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that turns cloud storage into an algorithmic market monetized through cryptocurrency.A post released by the company said:“Having passed the critical period when it needed to have the codebase private, the project is now quickly reaching a point where the implementation would benefit more from being public.” Read more

CoinEx proposes the release of a BSV token; Wright calls it a fraud

The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] chain split saga continues to worsen with each passing day with new developments taking place. Faketoshi, more commonly known as Craig Wright, the Chief Scientist at nChain has threatened to shut down CoinEx exchange.With things taking a drastic turn and the implementations provided by both development teams clash, it could result in a chain split--another fork into two currencies may be imminent. Read more

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