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Cardano vs EOS: Charles Hoskinson explains how the two blockchain platforms are different

In a recent interview, Cardano co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, spoke about a number of issues related to crypto market where he pointed out some of the issues related to EOS. In the interview with Andrew McDonald at the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, Hoskinson spoke about the Dan Larimer’s EOS blockchain. Read more

World’s Largest Bank to implement Blockchain Technology

Jiang Jianqing, the chairman of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) has announced that it will implement Blockchain Technology, as reported by Bianews on September 1st.Since its inception in 1984, ICBC has grown to become the largest bank in China and is the world’s largest bank by assets held and second in terms of market value. The bank had put a marker, back in 2017, on the use of “intelligent banking” and “accelerated deployment in the field of financial technologies” as a precursor to their most recent announcement. Read more

Ethereum in BigQuery: blockchain analytics to increase transparency

Cryptocurrencies have captured the imagination of technologists, financiers, economists, and general public. The thing that is more intriguing is the long-term and diverse applications of the blockchain technology.In an interesting development, internet related services and products giant Google has added Ethereum to its large information analytics platform BigQuery. Read more

Japan holds its first online blockchain voting system

Blockchain is now the latest upgrade in Japan’s voting system as the country introduced an online voting system in Tsukuba. The blockchain based voting system will allow voters to cast their votes for programs targeted to uplift the society, reported CCN. Technology booster Tsukuba, has undertaken the step to muscle up its voting solutions, and to definitely secure the voting system. Read more


Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) sees a rise of over 400 % in 24 hours

Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) – a cryptocurrency that was created just a few years back in 2014 might compete with Bitcoin (BTC) soon as its price rises over 400 % on Tuesday.In the early 2018, Bitcoin Dark faced a major setback – its team joined Komodo. However, unexpectedly, the coin strengthened its trading volumes as CoinMarketCap data shows. Read more

Tron beats EOS & “continues to thrive”, says Justin Sun

Justin Sun, Tron Foundation CEO has rejoiced about its native currency going ahead of EOS and with this, the network "continues to thrive". The founder has revealed on the popular social media platform, Twitter on 4th August that the total accounts of Tron have well exceeded EOS. This event is preceded by the recent launching of TronVirtual Machine on 30th August, 2018. Read more

Following XRP, Ethereum launched on Wirex

Wirex, the digital cryptocurrency wallet provider has announced, to the delight of its 1.8 million customers, the addition of an Ethereum Wallet following its launch of Ripple’s XRP. Pavel Matveev, the co-founder or Wirex said, “Ethereum is the second highest-value cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and its inclusion on our platform marks an important step for Wirex users.” Read more

VeChain unveils the brand new version, VeChainThor mainnet v1.0.2

VeChain Foundation,  a Singapore based blockchain platform has recently launched its newest VeChainThor Mainnet version 1.0.2. Yesterday, on 3rd September, 2018, the Foundation has made this declaration on the popular social media platform, Twitter. The first release of  VeChain Foundation, VeChainThor Mainnet happened few months back in June, 2018. Read more

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) gets access to 21,000 New Locations through Netcoins

Netcoins Inc. an online marketplace where consumers can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, they also operate a proprietary Virtual Crypto ATM platform to enable their customers to buy crypto in a timeless and easy manner. They announced earlier this week that Bitcoin cash, one of the most important digital currencies in the market will be made available for purchase. Read more

Ruden Holdings of Japan accesses Bitcoin and smart contracts for real estate transactions

Ruden Holdings, a Japanese real estate company, has recently created a settlement platform for the real estate sector. The construction company with its partner Blockchain Global Limited (BGL), conducted an experiment to check the aids of the same by employing Bitcoin and smart contracts for property sales, reported CCN. Read more

Bithumb may be involved in Bitcoin wash trading with a sudden rise in trading volume

The sudden rise in trading volume of Bithumb, a Korean crypto exchange is perhaps due to usage of Bitcoin in wash trading. This event has, indeed, been quite conspicuous among the cryptocurrency traders and investors. Since last week, with the passing of each day this upsurge has occurred. Alex Kruger, a prominent trader dealing with digital currencies has expressed his views stating that a major portion of Bitcoin is used by traders to make nearly $9million on the cryptocurrency exchange. Read more

Crypto Wallet Abra to see a wave of new European Customers

In March 2018, Abra announced the new version of their mobile application in which their users can buy, sell or store 20 cryptocurrencies and 50 fiat currencies with no limitations. Now, the crypto wallet has opened a new avenue to help channelize deposits, European Bank Accounts. Read more

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin speaks on ‘collapse of ETH’

Ethereum community got all curious and agitated after Tech Crunch published an article on Ethereum – ‘collapse of ETH is inevitable’. Number of questions and doubts popped up and to answer it all co-founder Vitalik Buterin wrote a post giving an insight about it. Surprisingly, he agrees ‘collapse of ETH is inevitable’, at least for now.   Read more

IOTA greets its new member to its development and research team

IOTA Foundation has included a new member in its development and research team. Michael Nati has joined the team, bringing on-board his in-depth technical knowledge and multi-sector exposure to the IOTA platform. His distinctive skill to handle multiple stakeholders, will supposedly also add a great value for adoption and evolution of the IOTA protocol. Read more

Naples’ mayor calls for an autonomous municipal cryptocurrency

In a dramatic development, Naples’ mayor, Luigi de Magistris, has posted a highly volatile and impassioned pledge on his facebook page to launch an autonomous municipal cryptocurrency that, he says, would unshackle the city from “anti-southern discrimination” and “unfair” debt. Read more

Indian regulatory officials visit UK, Japan, and Switzerland to study cryptocurrencies

With uncertainty hanging over the fate of cryptocurrencies in India, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has sent its officials to UK, Switzerland, and Japan in an attempt to study and understand the world of cryptos and initial coin offerings from each of these three countries’ financial regulators.The aim of this process is to engage with international authorities to get a deeper insight into the world of crypto mechanisms and systems in order to improve its own system. Read more

Bittrex de-lists Bitcoin Gold; the hard fork says it won’t impact BTG trading volume

Bittrex, a renowned US based cryptocurrency exchange, has de-listed Bitcoin Gold (BTG), a well-known hard fork of Bitcoin. The digital currency will be removed from the exchange by 4th September. According to the distributed digital currency, Bittrex decided to de-list BTG after the exchange had suffered “a double-spend attack" on May 19th.  Read more

Ethereum network will succeed “wildly”, but ETH will likely collapse: expert

Ethereum's [ETH] token will likely become worthless in the future, but the Ethereum network will end up succeeding “wildly”. This forecast was made by Stellar technical advisor Jeremy Rubin in a TechCrunch article.“ETH — the asset, not the Ethereum Network itself — will go to zero,” Rubin, who is also a Bitcoin Core contributor and an investor in early-stage crypto start-ups, wrote. Read more

Thailand’s AML agency to build wallet for Bitcoin seized from illegal sources

Thailand's Anti-Money Laundering Office [AMLO] has planned to build a cryptocurrency wallet for seizing Bitcoin[BTC] to prevent crime. The anti-money laundering agency is planning to close a loophole which would allow cyber-criminals to be penalized for illegal activities, but would let them maintain their digital asset holdings. Read more

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs set for a major leap in Greece

The cryptocurrency ATM business is all set for a massive growth in Greece with the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash set to multiply in next few months.Now there are only four such ATMs in Athens and one in Thessaloniki.  According to reports in the Greek media, in the near future there are plans to open more cryptocurrency ATM’s in other Greek cities. Read more

Banking moghul MUFG appreciates Ripple for inexpensive & faster money transfers

Ripple is making it big in the banking sector and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) came in with its hands full of appreciation. MUFG has had hands on experience working with the maker of XRP and reportedly said that Ripple has made transfer of huge amounts of money to its other branches across borders economical and faster. Read more

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