Ontology receives first wallet support, announces second-half of airdrop 17386
Pinaz Kazi
Jun 29, 2018 at 3:39 PM

Ontology is gearing up for its MainNet launch which is scheduled for June 30. Meanwhile, O3 Labs announced that they’ll be supporting the blockchain. O3 is the first wallet that announced their support for the product. is the first wallet to announce their support for the product. Ontology runs a dual-token model -- ONT is the governance token and ONG is the utility token.

According to the Twitter announcement of O3, users can store their ONT and ONG tokens in the respective wallet. These tokens can be used for transactions, network storage, and execution of smart contracts, among other similar use-cases. Within the Ontology Network, ONT can be also used for decision-making voting.

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Ontology (ONT) Market Performance

The MainNet pre-launch event took place on June 26 where along with its partners, it discussed the main use-cases of it in real life. A miraculous surge of 13.47% in its price, a day before the event. In the last month, ONT’s highest estimated price is $8.82, with a market cap of over $1 billion. In the same time frame, the lowest estimated figure is $4.27 with a market cap of around $646 million.

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Ontology’s second-half of airdrop

Ontology announced about its second-half of the NEO Council ONT Airdrop on Medium on June 27. The first round of the airdrop already completed. The NEO token holders present during the snapshot had received their 0.1 ONT per 1 NEO tokens. The holders got their tokens on their NEO addresses. For the second-half of the airdrop, another 0.1 ONT per NEO will not be sent on the NEO addresses. Instead, it will be sent on the MainNet ONT address. Also, it included a guide to accessing the MainNet ONT Wallet known as ONTO. It is a comprehensive, decentralized client including a wallet which is scheduled to release in July.

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