Ontology rolls out new OWallet version; users can now swap tokens using wallet 21295
Priyanka Babu
Aug 21, 2018 at 3:30 AM

Ontology has announced its latest update on Twitter yesterday. They have released an updated Owallet version 0.8.3/0.8.4 which will now support token swap. The token swap update allows NEP-5 ONT ledger users to move their ONT to an individual wallet in Owallet.

The updates listed on the online platform Medium are:

  • Token swap support. Ledger users with NEP-5 ONT can move their ONT to an individual wallet in OWallet to perform the token swap;
  • Create and import ONT ID support. Further ONT ID functions will be added in later versions;
  • Node stake support for current candidate nodes (node applications next open in October);
  • Added delete wallet function;
  • Bug fixes.

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The Ontology team further wrote that the NEP-5 ONT and MainNet ONT will be supported by two different wallets on Ledger. The team has also advised users to change the network and try again in case of a fetch transaction history error or if they are unable to view their balance on the wallet.

Earlier this month, Ontology announced a tie-up with Adrealm, an open ecosystem network for digital advertising. Their motive is to release the market from the monopoly of the big players in the advertising industry. “The partnership aims to reform and reinvigorate the productive relationships that have made the digital advertising industry a highly profitable one,” read their blog.

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