Pitbull’s initiative to pull off music industry challenges through Blockchain 7129
Akriti Mathur
Apr 25, 2018 at 11:21 AM


Sensational singer and grammy awards winner Armando "Pitbull" Perez, popularly called “Pitbull” has announced his latest venture. It is said to be an international blockchain coding competition called “Smackathon” that will allow users globally to use Ethereum for music industry. 

Ethereum that is powered on Blockchain will assist in different challenges in music industry. It can includes a range from artist royalty agreements to curated playlists. 

The event will be a part of the eMerge Americas conference in Miami Beach that will connect places namely North America, Latin America and Europe.

“I've always wanted to integrate a music component into eMerge”, stated eMerge Americas executive vice president Melissa Medina. She further added, “Having [Pitbull] as a partner in this project, I really think this is going to be something big and special.”

The blockchain competition will give entrants a month time to create blockchain based solution through Zeppelin’s. Zeppelin is an open source smart contract platform. The duration for the competition is from April 24 to May 25. The selected finalist will be flown to Miami to showcase their solution to Pitbull in the finale round. 

Medina stated, “I've had a lot of conversations with [Pitbull], and he has a lot of frustrations. He’s Mr. Worldwide, he's wildly successful, but he's thinking about the artists of the future and the roadblocks they hit.”

The concept of the competition is to accentuate their idea into the entertainment industry for developing blockchain solutions for it. 

Zeppelin founder and CEO Demian Brener stated, “At Zeppelin we try and make it easy and secure for any developer or individual to participate. Doing Smackathon and leveraging Pitbull's brand is a great way to push our goals even farther forward.”

There is also a winning amount for the participant whose innovation will appeal most to the judges. The take home amount is $6,000. The four judges in the panel will include Pitbull himself. 

Sources report that if Pitbull loves the idea presented by the participant, he will invest for the its future development. eMerge Americas creator Manny Medina might also invest for the innovative ideas. She stated, “We're not only looking to invest, but we're interested in helping bring the ideas to market, grow them and make them a reality, if possible.”



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