Police Custody of Sanchit and Rajesh Kumar extended in Indian Bitcoin Fraud case 10139
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Shrestha Purohit
May 29, 2018 at 3:17 PM

Court of Chandigarh has stretched the custody of accused in Bitcoin fraud case. The men were arrested in Delhi for Rs 10-crore Bitcoins cheating case.

Sanchit and Rajesh Kumar will be in police Custody for another 5 days according to sources. Rajesh Kumar and Sanchit had straight connections with the kingpin of the Bitcoin racket. They were successful in transferring Rs 30 lakh to the company account of Amit Bharadwaj who is also the main accused of this case.

Sanchit and Rajesh Kumar successfully managed to develop a code for this money transfer.

Singh, public prosecutor has asked the court for time to look deeper into the case. He also requested police to recover Sanchit’s laptop, which is said to be in Haridwar. Manjinder Singh also asked for the handwritten notebook about the fake transaction which is yet to be recovered from Hanumanghar.

Police is focusing on how many accounts were opened to loot innocent people. And what was the total amount and number of people under attack?

This case came up when an ex-army man reported the crime to the cyber cell of Chandigarh Police. He said that Amit Bhardwaj, who is the owner of Gain Bitcoin, has cheated him and 9 other people. The ex-army officer also stated that they have tricked him out of 1.5 crores without good investment return on Bitcoin. Police state that Bhardwaj and his brother Vivek have tricked 8,000 people to the tune of Rs.2000 crore, all over the country.

Accused were arrested at Indira Gandhi Airport. Sanchit and Rajesh Kumar are locked up in Pune.

After the news break of the arrest of Bhardwaj for tricking so many people, police checked Bhardwaj’s account, but the account was empty. Then the complaint transferred to the cyber cell. People have also approached them from Tricity in regards to the above case.

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