Pope Francis is target for crypto scammers promoting fake giveaway on Twitter 22141
Ashmita Dutta
Aug 31, 2018 at 10:36 PM

On the popular social media platform, Twitter, Pope Francis has been the recent target of scammer promoting false crypto giveaways. Pope Francis, the sovereign head of Vatican City is recently victimised by bot accounts operating on Twitter. This bot account network is responsible for the promotion of fraudulent cases of crypto giveaways along with ICO scamming.

Pope Francis is target for crypto scammers promoting fake giveaway on Twitter-BCFocus

These bot accounts primarily target prominent figures who may or may not belong to the world of digital currency. Duo Security's researchers in the initial phase of this month have revealed the outcomes of a study. This study has scanned the profiles Twitter users of nearly 88 million.

The final result has ratified the presence of dummy accounts network or botnet. The fundamental intention of the botnet is encouraging scams like crypto giveaway by targeting eminent personalities and then impersonating them on Twitter. They also tend to falsely boost their rankings on this social media site by making use of retweets and likes.

Fake Twitter account

Earlier this day, a fake boosted tweet with top ranking response has been tweeted by the Pope. The account used for this act is  “@_Poontifex,” which is, indeed, a duplicate account which is meant for misguiding the casual viewers to assume that its the real account @Pontifex” of Pope. The tweet is naturally directed towards spreading the fake giveaway of cryptocurrency.

The casual users of Twitter may end up thinking that the Pope has given a response to his post, providing an advertisement that features the giveaway. It is in this mechanism that the scam is functional. In the past times, several such instances have been repeated on Twitter. Famous entities like Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder and Elon Musk, Tesla CEO have been victims of such scams. Vitalik even has gone to the point of altering his name on Twitter and his biography and adding a message which reject his participation in any crypto scam.

In the interview to TechCrunch in August, Jordan Wright, Principal Security Engineer at Duo Security has specified the composition of botnet that comprises dummy accounts exceeding 15000. These dummy accounts operate by posting on Twitter about the messages of crypto giveaway scam. It is also involved in liking retweeting of posts that manipulates the quality control mechanism of Twitter.

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