Qubic Lite unveils its first qApp and decentralized IOTA game “Tangle Farm” 19835
Madhurima Roy
Jul 30, 2018 at 10:43 AM

Qubic Lite (or Qlite), an open-source community implementation of the Qubic Protocol by microhash, has recently announced the successful completion of its first qApp and decentralized IOTA game "Tangle Farm" in a 3 player session.

Enthusiastic at the new prospect, Qubic Lite made the announcement on Twitter, saying:
“Finally! The very first qApp and decentralized IOTA game "Tangle Farm" (more info on http://qame.org/ ) has been successfully tested in a 3 player session, showcasing the capabilities of the Qubic Lite protocol.”

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Implementation of Qubic

A substantial distributed fog networking platform  building complex IoT applications, Qubic collects micro-payments in real time, and offers a reward system for incentivizing participation in IOTA’s ‘Tangle’.

The implementation of Qubic, was done through Abra, a programming language developed by the IOTA Qubic team. Giving an elaborate explanation about Abra, IOTA mentioned in its blog, saying: “Abra is trinary-based because trinary systems can provide significant energy savings, a crucial consideration for IoT devices. One trinary digit, a trit, can represent 1.58 bits. The amount of wiring necessary for a trinary system can, therefore, be reduced to about 64% of an equivalent binary system, resulting in a corresponding energy reduction.”

The intoduction of Qubic Lite

QLite has been designed to be a temporary solution until the official Qubic implementation is released. It was tailored by a 19-year-old German computer science student. The Qubic Protocol is a copy of IOTA’s Qubic.

The creators of Qubic Lite consider that it would keep developers enthusiastic a bout the release of Qubic and implementation of QApps [Qubic Applications]. Qubic Lite allows developers to create QApps.

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The functioning of IOTA Tangle and its elements, including Qubic, varies from the blockchain. Tangle is built on DAG [Directed Acyclic Graph]. The Tangle graph is the ledger that stores transactions.

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