Qubic project of IOTA may become public “before the end of August” 20386
Ashmita Dutta
Aug 6, 2018 at 4:06 PM

IOTA’s upcoming Qubic project report makes crypto headlines with its expected release before the current month ends. This is has been recently revealed on 3rd August, 2018 on the official blog page of IOTA Foundation. The Qubic project ensures a promising future with further effort to improve cooperative terms between other projects within IOTA network and the former.

Classification of IOTA's Qubic project

The project is classified into two significant developmental areas, firstly, Qubic Protocol and secondly, the Abra language. In the first segment of the project, Qubic Protocol becomes the significant point of development wherein Tangle messages’ layout are developed. This is also accompanied by the maintenance of local Q- Tangle. The transactions carried out by Qubic will secure a local copy.

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However, the second segment is directed towards finalising Abra’s definition and also beginning its compiler. On its official blog site, the Organisation mentioned about the significant improvement and progress made on the source code parser.

According to the blog post, “We have been working on finalizing the Abra compiler to be able to handle a first, simple version of Abra. The next step will be some internal playing with the language to see if everything works as planned. We hope to have it in a state that other people can try their first hand at it within the next few months. There has also been some progress on the translator that will allow us to run a qubic on FPGA.”

The white paper of the company will shed light on the improvements and developments brought about in the network. In the blog post, the time for assessment of the update's first version  has been specified that happens to  be the second week of this month.

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As mentioned on the official blog page, " we have also been working on the “white paper” about Qubic, which is really more of a mathematical description of what we know about Qubic than a traditional white paper. We expect the first version ready for internal review in the coming week and then will need some time to process any comments before we will make it publicly available. We hope to have it ready before the end of August."

IOTA Foundation has already clarified that Abra is involved in the Quibic project due to the similar grounds in terms of functionality it shares with assembly language. The team has informed that a programming language will be utilised for facilitating translation to Abra.

Qubic endeavours for having the worldwide standard through its effort for Internet of Things [IoT] which focus on "messaging" and "payments."  The team behind this venture is now expecting to witness “some of the real world aspects” associated with the Qubic project.

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