Raido Financial releases new wallets with Mac OS and Windows support 25155 ERC 20 token
Nitin Murali
Oct 14, 2018 at 12:05 PM

In order to raise the overall awareness of its project, Raido Financial, a fintech solutions firm has released new updates.

Users can test these updates of the platform on an MVP. From the company’s perspective, this latest update will demonstrate their vision and users on the other side can make suggestions before the exchange launches officially.

Along with an exchange, the fintech firm has released new versions of their wallets with a full Windows and Mac OS support. Through its cross-platform solutions, it allows users to safely store and exchange both crypto and fiat currency between each other with ease. These wallets have features that are mostly needed for professional trading.

“There are wallets that support Alts and classic cryptocurrencies, there are exchanges that provide their users with coins and allow them to trade freely, then there are brokers and analysts that keep the track of all the events or news that occur globally that somehow may influence the price of a coin. And now imagine gathering all of those professionals in one place: this is going to be something that has never been done on this scale,” said the press release.

The pre-sales will be held on November 15 to which Raido Financial is busy giving the last touches.

86.25 million Raido Financial Token (RF) will be issued. A smart contract and token will be based on ERC20 (Ethereum Blockchain).

Tokens can be used in Raido Financial system’s different services such as trading fees, payments for withdrawal, the listing of currencies, and others. There is also a discount based on timely participation.

“The total volume of tokens that will be issued is set to 86 250 000 tokens (86 250 ETH), and the initial price of a token on Pre-Sales is set to be 0.001 ETH. The limit of tokens for Pre-Sales will not exceed 7500 ETH, this will be the maximum Pre-Sale volume of tokens the investors could possibly purchase in the following round of sales,” according to the press release.

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