Ripple’s XRP voted as the best coin to buy under 1$: Weiss Ratings’ poll 25119
Pinaz Kazi
Oct 13, 2018 at 4:19 PM

Weiss Ratings shared a poll on Twitter asking the community which is the best coin to buy under 1$. The poll results show that the community believes Ripple’s XRP is the best crypto to invest in under $1.

Weiss Ratings gave four options and XRP won the poll as 64% voted for it. The closest was Cardano (ADA) which received 25% of the vote. The third place was obtained by Stellar Lumens (XLM) with 8% and IOTA occupied the last place with only 3%. The poll shows that 5,726 twitter users (almost 50% of Weiss Ratings’ followers) participated in the poll.

Currently, Ripple is exploring new ways to rise the adoption of XRP beyond the world of banking. In the recently ended PreMoney crypto conference in San Francisco, Ripple’s senior vice president of Xpring, Ethan Beard said, “With Xpring, we’re focused on the broader XRP ecosystem. Ripple, as a company, focuses on the Internet of Value – helping money move as easily as data. Our core business being ‘helping banks move money – mainly across border’ and we’ve got great momentum there.”

He added, “At the same time, we think XRP and the XRP Ledger has a lot of use cases above and beyond what’s going on in the banking world. And so, with Xpring, we’re actually looking to identify, amplify, and help those projects take off and get off the board.”

In other news, a recent report by World Trade Organization (WTO) stated that Ripple could impact world’s financial system. The report revealed that blockchain technology would have dramatic impact in the financial system of the world and specifically highlights Ripple.

The new report, titled 'The future of world trade: How digital technologies are transforming global commerce', says that blockchain has “the potential to profoundly transform the way we trade, who trades and what is traded.” The report also mentions Ripple specifically and talked about how it could radically change how financial institutions move money.

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