Roger Ver & John McAfee share their view on how cryptocurrency & blockchain could transform the world 24529
Pinaz Kazi
Oct 4, 2018 at 4:26 PM

Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver recently had a discussion at length with cryptocurrency enthusiast John McAfee on how cryptocurrency and blockchain can change the world, what made them join the crypto space and more.

John McAfee started off by saying, “Cryptocurrency is merely the transactional, financial aspect of the blockchain but blockchain can be applied to anything in life. In blockchain, we have the record of truth – the actuality of what is or did happen. We never had that before.”

McAfee mentioned that once people get to see the reality of their past existence, they will realize how free they have become. The question of whom to believe and whom not to believe will be out because all of it will be recorded in the blockchain.

He also said that the reason why he entered the cryptocurrency space was because of platforms such as HitBTC. According to him, if platforms like HitBTC could steal the users’ money or decide to keep it for months and pretend as if it’s not with them, ultimately users would just stop using it.

According to McAfee, it is the “true power of blockchain”, since the users do not have to go to the police, they just need a sane mind and access to the truth. Roger Ver was asked about why he is spreading awareness about blockchain, and he stated, “For me, you know, life is short and I want to have the most fun building the best world I possibly can every single day. Yeah, I could be sipping a martini on a beach somewhere but that’s not nearly as fun as promoting and making the entire world a better place.”

He concluded by saying, “And that’s what cryptocurrency has the ability to do and that’s why I’m doing it every day for almost eight years full-time now. I’m sure I’ll keep going on until the very day I die.”

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