SAP launches new services, industry consortia to promote blockchain integration 24426 SAP promotes blockchain adoption and launches two new consortia
Ashmita Dutta
Oct 3, 2018 at 4:30 PM

German software provider SAP on Tuesday announced the launch of two new consortia. This launch, which was announced at the Las Vegas-based SAP TechEd event, intends to boost blockchain co-innovation with partners and customers.

The two consortium groups were formed as a part of the SAP Blockchain Consortium program. One consortium will be for pharmaceuticals and life sciences while the other will focus on agribusiness, consumer products and retail.

There groups will see SAP customers, partners and other players work together to identify blockchain use cases, opportunities for collaboration across industries and additional benefits of permissioned industry blockchain networks.

The new consortia add on to SAP's industrial consortium groups, which have seen the participation of over 35 businesses including AmerisourceBergen, GlaxoSmithKline plc and Maple Leaf Foods.

Launch of new services

The Germany-based IT firm also announced new services to help clients in integrating blockchain to their businesses. The first services are invloved in network extensibility for open business collaboration. These services will support the interaction between SAP-provisioned nodes and the nodes present on premise or in a different cloud. They will also support the interaction between blockchain-enabled SAP business processes with externally operated nodes.

The second service involves adding support for Quorum, which is an enterprise-focused version of Ethereum. Quorum support, which aims to offer clients maximum flexibility, will be available for early adopters.

"Blockchain presents a powerful way to create greater trust, transparency and simplified collaboration among businesses," said Gil Perez, head of digital customer initiatives at SAP.

Earlier in June, the company had ventured into the blockchain sphere with the launch of its blockchain cloud platform to provide assistance to corporates in the development of software based on this technology. The cloud-based solution intends to provide enterprises with a framework to develop business applications.

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