Solar Bankers plan to overcome the “Seventh” Sustainable Development Goal under UN 6696
Akriti Mathur
Apr 20, 2018 at 3:26 PM


Solar Bankers, a P2P energy trading platform, plans to make use of distributed ledger technology for the development of electricity solutions and to expand rural electrification. Their mission is to provide electricity in rural areas of the developing countries. 

Under the UN Sustainable Development Goals, this is the seventh amongst the seventeenth goals to be achieved. The basic factors to be achieved for the development of countries depends upon good electricity supply. 

An undergoing project outside Dubai can be seen in the tweet below:

Rural electrification has major obstacles due to cost factors, rough terrain and comparatively lower population in comparison to urban areas. 

Alfred Jost, CEO of Solar Banker stated that “overcoming these hurdles requires integrated packages of easy-to-use and easily deployable technologies that enable off-grid electricity production and energy self-sufficiency on the household level.”

He further added, “We want to provide utilities and governments with a comprehensive package of basic applications containing everything they need to build micro grids in which households can produce and trade energy.”

The company will be focusing on providing households with Solar Bankers' PV devices. Solar Bankers’ PV devices are connected via smart meters. They use a light-managing nano-structured foil to get maximum output. The system also makes use of a Fiber blockchain platform. Fiber blockchain system supports in the creation of a digital currency system. Consequently, it aids in systematic and safe electricity trading operations. The energy model is currently being tried out in a pilot project at Izmir Turkey in cooperation with a Turkish company Enerclever. 

Solar Bankers is a Singapore based company focusing on renewable energy and solar energy production. Solar Bankers have also extended their reach to China and Europe. 



Image via Shutterstock