Stellar wallet Lobstr gets more customer-centric, offers optimum security

Stellar wallet Lobstr gets more customer-centric, offers optimum security 23768
Madhurima Roy
Sep 22, 2018 at 10:40 AM

Stellar is trying to be more supportive of its customers with its wallet Lobstr. The wallet has introduced a custody platform that has been tailored to offer retail investors the optimum level of security for the digital currencies they hold.

In order to be more customer-centric, Stellar's Lobstr wallet and DigitalBits, a blockchain startup, have struck a partnership. DigitalBits is set to launch XDB Labs to back custodial and wallet storage for cryptocurrencies on the DigitalBits blockchain. With that being done, Lobstr said that it will soon fuse XDB Wallet into its platform, reported Coin Journal.

XDB Labs strives to cater a secured yet unconvoluted and hassle-free wallet solution for digital currencies that businesses and individuals can use without stumbling upon any roadblock. The XDB Wallet will be able to store crypto assets on the DigitalBits blockchain, the first of which will be the DigitalBits’ native token, XDB.

“XDB Wallet will not only make management of digital assets, such as loyalty and rewards points, simpler, but also provide incomparable levels of security for its users,” said Al Burgio, CEO of the DigitalBits Foundation.

Implementing blockchain to invoke customer loyalty

Blockchain can help the industry spiral forward by offering portability and fast transactions. The DigitalBits blockchain is trying to create a marketplace that will help consumers to store and trade cryptocurrencies.

“We believe that applying blockchain technology to customer loyalty programs has great potential and can disrupt the legacy loyalty industry,” said Gleb Pitsevich, co-founder of Lobstr.


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