Telegram ban in Russia impacting Google, Amazon, Twitch, FIFA, Spotify, Nintendo and many more 6969
Akriti Mathur
Apr 24, 2018 at 11:14 AM


Pavel Durov, Telegram founder had planned to create their own cryptocurrency. Telegram launched two rounds of ICO earlier. The reason for Telegram getting blocked is said to due to his launch of cryptocurrency. A letter was found from an employee of the 12th FSB centre Roman Antipkin sent by him to his colleagues. 

Roman Antipkin stated in that letter, "Colleagues, but history is not at all about it, as you do not understand! History is not about keys and terrorism <...>. Pasha Durov decided to become a new Mavrodi. Having launched our crypt, we in Russia will receive a completely uncontrolled financial system. And this is not bitcoin for marginalized people, it will be simple, reliable and uncontrollable. This is a threat to the security of the country <...>. All the drugs, naked, trade bodies will go through Pashin kriptu, and he will say: "I have nothing to do with it, forbid words, they are used by terrorists.”

In the end of 2017, it became about Pavel Durov planet to launch his own Telegram Open Network platform and Cryptocurrency gram. They held two rounds of ICOs. The Tagansky Court of Moscow decided to put a ban on Telegram following their refusal to provide FSB encryption keys. They denied saying that it hindered users privacy. Russia then blocked Telegram on April 16.

The ban that started this month involved many Russian regulators who blocked ip addresses to remove the access from the application. Sources states that Telegram was using their infrastructure for Google and cloud services. 

Google has confirmed the news saying that their own services are also being impacted. The Google spokesperson said, “We are aware of reports that some users in Russia are unable to access some Google products, and are investigating those reports.” It was also reported that users were having problems in browsing the website and other services as well. 

The ban has hit Twitch, a game broadcasting platform as a ban of Telegram app. Twitch affiliated streamer Angry_Roleplayer posted on Reddit, “Yesterday Russian authorities started blocking Telegram (popular encrypted messenger) and Amazon (and Google) server ip's country-wide. As a result over 20 MILLION ip's and ip gates were banned which resulted in massive nation-wide blocking and collapse of many services that used amazon and some google-based servers. Unfortunately twitch is also BLOCKED NOW for most Russians including me! So i had to use VPN and TOR to write a message on actual twitch website. I have literally no idea how i can stream with twitch in this situation. And i am a full-time, twitch affiliated streamer and i just get 2000: Network Error now. Will have to stream on youtube for the time being.

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It is being said that few companies are taking advantage of the present situation. They are offering services to assist those that are affected. 

Pavel Durov tweeted,

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