The Big Four firm Deloitte’s new head of blockchain services, Linda Pawczuk 6589
Roshni Vayyapuri
Apr 18, 2018 at 6:15 PM

Linda Pawczuk is appointed as the new head of Big Four firm Deloitte’s US Financial Services Industry Blockchain group. Eric Piscini was the former leader of Deloitte. Following the exit of Eric Piscini, Linda Pawczuk is coming into power.

Linda Pawczuk was a senior technology executive with a distinguished international career recognized for strategic leadership, business partnership, and successful execution of large, complex global transformation programs within the financial services industry.

Linda’s has more than 30 years of experience in financial risk advisory field. Also, she led Deloitte’s blockchain efforts in the insurance sector for the past three years. During that time, she was central in the formation of The Institutes RiskBlock Alliance, a blockchain consortium comprised of more than 30 organizations in the risk management and insurance segment and has served as dean of the Deloitte CIO Fellows Program and facilitated CIO transition labs for some of Deloitte’s largest clients. Says Deloitte.

As Head of the Deloitte US Financial Services Industry Blockchain group, Pawczuk will co-ordinate in advancing Deloitte's Blockchain agenda. Her tasks involve creating new business models, disrupting existing business processes and harvesting the underlying technologies and ecosystem players, in order to build solutions with clients across multiple industries. In future, the firm hopes to further use Blockchain as a route into other emerging technologies, including cloud computing and automation.

According to Deloitte spokesperson Chris Faile, "[Deloitte] envisions that this ever-evolving and the nimble team will build upon our past success in helping our clients, which includes 92 percent of the financial service companies listed on the Fortune 500 list, to hone their Blockchain-backed offerings.”

Commenting on Eric Piscini’s exit from the firm, meanwhile, Faile added that Deloitte sees his move "as a testament to Deloitte's successful efforts" in helping its team gain experiences and skillsets. He added, "When you are seen as the market leader, it's inevitable that some leaders will decide to take on new challenges outside of the organization."