The Satoshi United UnConference travels from Singapore to Dubai 23200 Satoshi United in Dubai
Nitin Murali
Sep 16, 2018 at 6:01 AM

After being done with a successful conference in Singapore, Satoshi United is conducting its first ever conference in the Middle East.

Satoshi United is the biggest UnConference in the world and the Dubai conference will be held from 22-23 October.

The UnConference setting lets one’s hearts and minds to bring forth new ideas. It has always been a hit among the attendees as there is usually a high level of engagement

The conference will provide a platform that will help one benefit from creative global innovations encouraged by blockchain.

According to what its website says, Satoshi United not only builds long-lasting relationships through small yet meaningful gatherings but takes a step forward toward leaving unended memories.

The different speakers at the conference are Illia Pashkov, who is a Chief Creative Technologist, and also an award-winning art & creative director; Andrew Rippon, CEO, Thurpny - a new cryptocurrency; Vit Jedlicka, President of Free Republic Liberland; Gilbert Reveillon, CEO for Mobile LOOV, CCE President ICT; Evan Luthra, an investor and crypto influencer; and many others.

The event will be held in Dubai since the country welcomes the cryptocurrency industry by implementing blockchain in its vital departments.

UnConference provides a party-like atmosphere

The UnConference atmosphere has been on the talks for quite some time. Attendees can lounge on bean bags, drink some cool beer, and moreover network and listen to keynotes. They also have yacht parties after the event which makes it all the more a great atmosphere.

The UnConference aims to bring all the investors and visionaries in the blockchain world all under one roof.

The registration for the UnConference has already begun from 3 September on the website. This registration is an early bird offer that allows a huge saving on ticket prices.

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