There will be a delay in the upcoming Constantinople hardfork: Ethereum developers 24634 Ethereum's Constantinople to be delayed
Nitin Murali
Oct 6, 2018 at 12:04 AM

Ethereum developers have announced that there will be a delay in the launch of the upcoming Constantinople hardfork, a system-wide upgrade scheduled on the test network Ropsten.

Since there is a vulnerability in one out of five Constantinople upgrades, there is a delay. The announcement was made by team lead Peter Szilagyi on behalf of the entire developers’ team of the Ethereum Foundation.

Constantinople has been delayed in order to give clients their own time to run nodes or computer servers that support the Ethereum network. This delay will also give time for the Ropsten users to prepare itself for the like of the network split due to the result of implementing Constantinople. Ropsten users will also be working on Raiden, an off chain scaling solution. Raiden is also an Ethereum project.

The different changes towards the new Constantinople hardfork upgrade are code execution, block reward issuance, data storage, and others. If the active nodes of Ropsten do not execute all the upgrades simultaneously, there is a high chance of the network to split into two different blockchains.

Lefteris Karapetsas, Raiden network developer told other Ethereum developers on a public forum that a network split on Rosten, be it permanent or temporary will make testing time impossible for their project that will soon be released as a mainnet.

Therefore, Alexey Akhunov suggested another alternative which was to launch a temporary testnet on Ropsten and resolve all the code issues instead of releasing the main implementation. October 14 will be the date when the new version of Constantinople releases.

According to a previous report by BC Focus, the upgrade is supposed to enhance the network’s efficiency and make it more cost-effective.

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