TRON buys domain as it ventures into blockchain data services 20844
Jessica Kuruthukulangara
Aug 11, 2018 at 10:40 PM

TRON on Friday confirmed that it had completed the acquisition of – a domain name that would serve as a blockchain data and search engine platform. The platform will provide big data analysis, project evaluation, information search and other services related to blockchain information, according to a report by Tron.Live – which is a TRON community news website.

Details of when the platform will go live have not yet been revealed. The report added that TRON founder Justin Sun believed that others in the blockchain space must also start building platforms to help the growth of the industry.

Volume, velocity, variety

According to the report, the platform will use three big data points in order to analyse information and present the data to its users. The three data points are volume, velocity and variety.

When it comes to volume, the platform will monitor latest developments using social media, websites and existing search engines to collect large volumes of data.

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Velocity, or speed, is also important since the platform will have to process the collected data as quickly as possible to provide accurate and updated analysis whenever a user requires it.

The last data point – variety – refers to the different formats in which the data is collected. These formats include text, images, pdf, and video, among others.

Why a search engine?

The rationale behind this deal is to allow TRON to better analyze what the community wants and what the blockchain industry needs in terms of new developments.

The platform would also enable the company to study the current and future market conditions. The data offered on the platform will enable users to use this information to better understand certain blockchain projects and research new projects in the market. aims to help in resolving issues faced by the blockchain community by analyzing data related to the market and offering this information to users, making them better-informed.

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This acquisition could pave the way for TRON to use its other acquired platforms – such as file-sharing platform BitTorrent or crypto gaming platform – in a more intelligent way.

TRON is really pushing for providing high-quality customer service. On Friday, the company also announced that its payment platform Seedit will soon launch on Twitter.

It will allow people to send the digital asset TRX around the world using various social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Reddit and Kakao.

Image via Tron.Live

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