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Pinaz Kazi
Aug 6, 2018 at 10:14 AM

The Tron community is pretty happy with the series of new developments that took place in the past few weeks. The hopes are high that the recent developments will help Tron achieve the heights it’s aiming for. That being said, it is not possible to achieve success without a strong leader. Founder Justin Sun had been that for the community and a recent post from a Tron employee highlights that.

In the Tron Telegram Channel, a person who goes by the name Rovak wrote an open letter on Tron work culture, Justin Sun and more. In the letter, he wrote, “During my time in the Tron office I have been very impressed by the work ethic. Most of them work from 10 to 10 every day.”

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The mood of the employees are very positive and enthusiastic. He even added, “We had lunch and dinner every day at nearby restaurants which was being paid the company” While taking about Justin Sun he wrote, “I only talked with Justin about some of the projects I was working on and he seemed to be genuinely interested and willing to listen.”

The post by Rovak was shared by another Twitter user who wrote, “EVERY Tron Investor MUST read the letter below.” He added, “THIS is who Justin Sun is. THIS is what he’s all about. THIS is why #Tron is the biggest blockchain in existence, and THIS is why we’ll all be fucking millionaires soon.”

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In the post, Rovak wrote, “After I showed him my payment system he immediately invited the marketing/product team so I could give a demo. He even offered me to have a few minutes in the livestream shows…he gave me complete freedom without giving any suggestions or rules on what I should talk about.” Mentioning about Sun’s work dedication, he shared that Sun also has a bed in his office which he uses when deadlines are approaching. Rovak goes on to say Sun thinks “way ahead of the things that are happening right now.”

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