Tron enters entertainment world with BitTorrent Play for iOS users 22405 BitTorrent Play of Tron
Ashmita Dutta
Sep 5, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Tron has recently stepped into the entertainment industry through an app known as BitTorrent Play exclusively for the iOS users. On the popular social media platform, Twitter, BitTorrent has brought before the world this app which can allow users to access entertainment content like videos and music from their phone. The list of Apple devices that support the download of the newly released BitTorrent Play of Tron involve iPad, iPod and iPhone.


BitTorrent, a prominent company dealing in software has high aspiration and likewise, envisions to have the largest decentralised system in the world. The company focuses on its rapid expansion and development in the global market scenario. The location of Tron in San Francisco will provide adequate assistance to BitTorrent to bring about their expansion, worldwide. It would equally help Tron to expand its collaboration and business development at the global level. BitTorrent even seeks to make a significant entry into diversifying fields involving media, entertainment and games.

It is, indeed, not the first instance when a popular cryptocurrency based organisation endeavoured to build a large community, world wide. The association of BitTorrent with Tron may serve as a fundamental ground to establish an ecosystem, globally due to the high stature of Tron Foundation in the crypto space.

The acquisition of BitTorrent prompted to provide products of superior quality to users exceeding 100 million all over the world. The association will also lead to its improvement and enhancement, thereby, speeding up the development of Internet of options.

A transparent and equitable sharing of advertising revenue is claimed to take place between BitTorrent and the creative community. The talented artists would garner direct support from the company. The new app, BitTorrent Play facilitates the browsing and streaming of video suggestions and music by the individuals from the independent artists. The latest music, videos and artists present in the BitTorrent ecosystem make the users stay well updated.


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