TRON gets listed on yet another exchange just before its mainnet launch 10222
May 29, 2018 at 6:10 PM

TRON has been included on the popular cryptocurrency exchange, OEX, as one of their cryptocurrencies. The news has come just 2 days before TRON has scheduled its mainnet launch!

TRON is one cryptocurrency which has enjoyed a lot of attention lately. Though it is placed 9th on coinmarketcap’s listing of cryptocurrencies, it has made more news than any other coin over the past few days. On May 28th, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, confirmed that OEX exchange will be listing it on their website.

OEX is an exchange known to be highly user-friendly. The main highlight of the exchange is that it provides a high level of protection to the users. The double authentication feature available on it enables the users to secure their account and prevent any hacks or malicious activities.

Also, the supremely fast responses offered by the website’s interface makes users never want to bounce to any other exchange. What’s more interesting is that the exchange offers switching between multiple cryptocurrencies available on the exchange.

TRON is spreading like wildfire ever since it announced its entry into the mainnet market. Recently, it was listed on Bittrex exchange, which allows trading between USD and TRX. It was also listed on smaller exchanges, namely Coinbene, Wazirx, and Einstein exchange.

TRON price is currently $0.065 and is holding steady. Its market capitalisation is $4.31 billion and has a 24 hour volume of 578 million, which is a huge number. Getting listed on OEX exchange will greatly benefit TRX as the exchange offers them an added profit of 0.2% which comes in the form of fee.

However, several crypto geeks are saying that TRON is getting itself listed on more number of exchanges just to pump up its value. Though TRON is being listed on several exchanges and is in the news almost everyday, this hasn’t affected the TRX price whatsoever. Is this just another ‘pump and dump’ scheme? We’ll find out shortly!

Social media comments

  • Crypto monopoly

Who the hell is OEX?Another bullshit exchange, but good job! I guess?

  • Manish Parmar

Since one month, all positive news about TRON. But no increase in price. Why?

  • Jcryptomaniac

Hahaha right? I wonder if they are making up exchanges to pump.

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