Tron launches TronWallet on iOS, gears up for TVM launch

Tron launches TronWallet on iOS, gears up for TVM launch 21930
Pinaz Kazi
Aug 29, 2018 at 1:00 PM

Tron investors, holders, and followers would know how active the crypto is – by active we mean the series recent developments and continuous flow of positive news making headlines. In a recent post, Tron founder Justin Sun announced that TronWallet is now available on iOS.

The good news came after its developers tried its best to earn Apple’s approval. According to Tron Foundation, “This past month of development has been a nail-biter with the App Store issues and multiple bugs creeping up as part of normal development of a feature that almost entirely rewrites the foundations of the app but with the help of the always helpful strong brazilian coffee and hard work we pulled through and are ready to complete our most ambitious release yet. For all our iOS users out there, your time has come!”

According to DailyHodl, some of the features of the TronWallet include, fully decentralized P2P wallet with no signup and no login, local secret encryption & PIN, push notifications available to get transaction notification immediately, and open source with privacy as private keys only belong to the user.

Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) launch

Community has enough reasons to rejoice as it’s also gearing up for the official TVM launch. In fact, some believe that launch might be a game changer for the blockchain. Also, Justin Sun predicted that the official TVM launch will attract more users to join Tron MainNet.

Earlier this month, he tweeted, “The total number of accounts on #TRON mainnet exceeds 100 thousand and block height has already reached 1100078 with 368 online nodes. Once the official #TVM is launched, there will be more and more users on #TRON mainnet. #TRX $TRX”

What makes the TVM so special is its architectural design. The middle layer of the virtual machine is compatible with more than one blockchain. It is also compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine [EVM], enabling developers to easily transition into the ecosystem.

Tron indents are to provide a comprehensive set of ideas to support developers and quickly develop smart-contracts. Also, they would publish smart-contract libraries so that the developers can use. Not just using specific applications, developers can also build more contract libraries to provide help to other developers.

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