Tron partners with ‘industry giant’ keeps the name secret, community speculate its Alibaba 25105
Pinaz Kazi
Oct 13, 2018 at 10:23 AM

Tron founder Justin recently shared with the community that the company partnered with an ‘industry giant’. However, Sun did not reveal the name of the new partner of Tron, creating a buzz in the community.

The tweet, posted by Sun on Friday, Oct. 12, gives little information, stating, “Finally, First time to partner with tens of billions USD valuation industry giant. Guess the name.” Soon the Twitter followers joined the guessing game with most of them proposing it is Alibaba.

One of commenters explained, “TRON AND ALIBABA: Tron Team Assists As Alibaba ‘Working Group’ Is Planning A Crypto Exchange @AbacusJournal is seemingly confirming its a done deal in a couple of its tweets from the past hour. Says more info later.”

It is to be noted Sun is a graduate of Alibaba founder Jack Ma’s Hupan university. Another follower commented, “Alibaba is worth more than 500 billion. Not tens of billions.” While, some had other opinion and suggested that it could be Baidu, Clover, and Disney.

This comes soon after Sun informed the community that Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) has finally gone live on Tron’s mainnet. He took to Twitter and stated, “TVM is live now! Please enjoy it! One small step for #TRON, one giant leap for #blockchain industry!” Reportedly, TVM system would be allowing developers and users to interact with smart contracts in a cost-efficient, decentralized, and speedy ecosystem.

Previously, one of the greatest news for the Tron community was acquiring BitTorrent. It was acquired this year July followed by which Sun announced Project Atlas which will try to integrate TRX within the platform’s user base, creating a hybrid content sharing ecosystem.

As of press time, Tron [TRX] cryptocurrency is ranked 11th largest cryptocurrency by market cap and is trading at around $0.023, up 9.29 in 24 hours, according to coinmarketcap.

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