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Pinaz Kazi
Sep 12, 2018 at 2:20 PM

Tron partnered with Satowallet - a leading cryptocurrency multi-wallet and exchange - for further adoption of the coin and other blockchain use cases. Tron founder Justin Sun shared the news with the community by announcing it on Twitter.

For the TRX community, this is a positive development as Satowallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet provider and exchange, holding more than 60 cryptocurrencies. It also provides staking ability, auto swap feature, instant trade on exchange, speed and security.

In fact, Satowallet has been voted as one of the most trusted crypto wallet and exchange, according to a post on Medium.

It also provides high liquidity for all the listed assets and has a trading volume of more than $3 million. Backed by a team of blockchain experts who understand market trends, Satowallet aims to make cryptocurrency easy to use.

This partnership will give users a trusted platform for trading, swapping, and HODLing their TRX on the Satowallet Apple, Android and PC apps.

Users will now have access to zero fees for all Intra-Satowallet TRX transactions, swap TRX to other supported cryptocurrencies and trade TRX on Satowallet exchange. Tron believes, “this partnership will go a long way in creating more endless opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.”

In other news, Tron recently introduced Sesameseed’s DApp SEEDGerminator, which will serve as a technology accelerator, on Monday. Discussions about SEEDGerminator started in June, while the official launch took place last week. The final official confirmation came in on Monday.

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