TRON [TRX] ends the Main Net week successfully 11964
Roshni Vayyapuri
Jun 5, 2018 at 11:53 AM

TRON, one of the largest blockchain based operating systems in the world launched their Main Net on 31 May. After the launch, they have now they have come up with some updates.

Various tests are conducted on the networks for bringing more traffic to the network to the examine the possibilities and limitations of its capacity. They are also taking precautions to avoid malicious account creation in the consensus. TRON also developed and completed bandwidth model. The consensus is conducted for validating the transactions which also includes the proposal for making changes to the blockchain.

There are some more updates regarding wallet which includes the limitations regarding the length of account holders name. Also, they have introduced test tools to check test coverage and added unit tests. They investigating the possibilities for providing support and test keystore for the wallet.

Right after the launch of their Main Net, the founder of TRON Justin Sun announced a reward for whoever finds any errors in the Main Net. TRON is still exploring and testing to set up stress tests and error fixes. In the consensus, they will try to fix bugs and increase the security of the wallet.

A Twitterati replied to Justin’s post saying, “You should have spent less time hyping these stupid elections and more time doing the coin burn you promised to do.  Everyone figured out that TRON is a scam, and that's why your coin is dead at 6 cents after "major" news.”

Another Twitterati who is excited about the latest updates replied to Justin’s post saying, “Keep it coming, Justin. We all love hearing TRON will be listed on new exchanges. Very excited for the new listings.”


Image via TRON

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