US based company plans to launch a new trading platform and its own Crypto Coin  6716
Akriti Mathur
Apr 20, 2018 at 4:46 PM


The Board of Directors of Argus Worldwide have reported about expanding their cryptocurrency activities. They are planning to execute it by launching a proprietary CyberJ crypto trading platform with Cyber Junky as aggregator. Cyber Junky is currently under development. The development team of Cyber Junky is based in Gdansk, Poland. It is being estimated that it will go live in minimum 60 to 90 days. 

The company also made an important announcement regarding launching their own CyberJ crypto coin. In addition to this, the coin will be beneficial in paying for goods and services via Cyber Junky. It is believed that the coins will be available on the company’s trading platform and at the coin dispensers. Furthermore, coin dispensers will be built into each product and service that is offered within the aggregator of the company. 

Tom Edmond, COO Argus Worldwide stated, “Our latest research tells us the cryptocurrency market is expanding much more rapidly than we earlier anticipated. It is clear that the CyberJ trading platform coupled with the CyberJ crypto coin will have a very positive impact on increasing our revenues and profitability over the short to medium term.  The CyberJ coin which will offer the consumer an array of benefits and discounts, not only holds out the potential for enhanced value over time but equally important, increased purchasing power for the consumer. As such, we are not ruling out the idea of initiating an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of our CyberJ coins.”

Further he added, “Cryptocurrency has significantly changed the digital landscape worldwide. Market pundits are claiming that the Cryptocurrency market capitalization is now around 450 billion USD with the potential to grow several trillion USD in next few years.”

Argus Worldwide Corps is a portfolio management and investment company. The company has its head office at Cheyenne, Wyoming USA. The administrative offices of the company are in Canada, Poland and The Netherlands. 



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