VeChain unveils the brand new version, VeChainThor mainnet v1.0.2 22317 VeChainThor Mainnet gets upgraded
Ashmita Dutta
Sep 4, 2018 at 4:15 PM

VeChain Foundation,  a Singapore based blockchain platform has recently launched its newest VeChainThor Mainnet version 1.0.2. Yesterday, on 3rd September, 2018, the Foundation has made this declaration on the popular social media platform, Twitter. The first release of  VeChain Foundation, VeChainThor Mainnet happened few months back in June, 2018.

This blockchain technology has tools like Know Your Customer or KYC. The technology also makes sure that smart contract is present for its support for providing effectiveness and also transparency.  With the help of GitHub pages, this new version can be availed for download.

The latest update

The update is advised by the team as well. In the latest release, upgraded and advanced features along with the fixation of bugs are present. Improvement in the level of level is also taken into consideration by this team. The team has explained the transformations, in brief on the GitHub page.

As per the statement of the team, the subscription of the new blocks will now be getting support from source code. It would also provide assistance to new events and transfer mechanism via WebSocket requests. Moreover, a feature known as solo has a supplementary flag check through which the block gas limit's customisation is feasible.

It also has to be taken under consideration that the error handling ability and log printing linked with solo has got better. The prevention of getting access to wrong notes, mistakenly or accidentally is done by the addition of  HTTP header verification named x-genesis-i. Little adjustments in the P2P parameters have facilitated in the acceleration of the synchronising process. The team has also addressed the issue of compilation errors by fixing them which are pertaining to go1.10.4 and go1.11.

Recently, a collaboration between VeChain Foundation and People's Insurance Company of china [PICC] has taken place. The primary motive behind this partnership is introducing blockchain technology in the domain of insurance. Also, another recent event includes the declaration of Bitfinex crypto exchange on Twitter about permitting VeChain trading after the Mainnet swap. Currently,  in the coinmarketcap, the native token of the Foundation, VET is valued at $0.019 experiencing a positive change of 9.51%.


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