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Pinaz Kazi
Aug 16, 2018 at 10:37 AM

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently shared about the future of his blockchain and Google trying to hire him in small private event in San Francisco. The event was reportedly held last week and hosted by Blockchain at Berkeley student-run organization, Origin and co-founder of the Modernist social club, Steve Chen.

Discussion was done on all major topics that’s currently being faced by the crypto community. During the chat, Vitalik Buterin told Crypto Congressman, Jason Hsu, about what he is currently working on. “Recently, I am spending a lot of time working on the proof-of-stake and charting protocols. This is what the Ethereum research community is focusing on more than anything else at this point,” Buterin said.

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Also, enthusiastically shared about the progress on Casper protocol. “I think that there has been a lot of frameworks for state channels coming out recently. The Casper protocol is getting much closer to being finalized at this point. It’s just pending review on academic analysis,” he added.

Will Vitalik Buterin be joining Google?

“There were rumors a few months ago that Google wanted to hire you. I take it you are in town for your job interview,” Hsu asked Buterin. “I hope we all realize that this was a joke. Some random HR person from Google emailed me, most likely because some machine learning algorithm analyzed my GitHub and saw that I had some high score in the international Olympiad. Apparently, I fit the blueprints as a great candidate to hire at an intern salary,” Buterin laughed.

Vitalik Buterin's take on Blockchain privacy

According to Buterin, currently, there aren’t good ways to preserve privacy on the blockchain. Praising the effort of Zcash, he said, “There have been good efforts to solve this using Zcash for example, along with research on top of Ethereum. However, there is still a way to go in terms of preserving privacy on the blockchain.”

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Vitalik Buterin on Future of Ethereum

During the discussion , Buterin said that he's quite happy with some of the recent developments of Ethereum. He said that he is quite satisfied with things like the progress of state and plasma channels. Also mentioned about future plans, stating that the foundation is looking forward to authorize scalable properties and reach high levels of consensus. “I am seriously looking forward to when the cryptocurrency community basically passes away with proof-of-work,” Buterin added.

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