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Nitin Murali
Oct 14, 2018 at 7:21 AM

WealthBlock.AI is a financial tech firm that makes use of the power of blockchain technology to transform the way people access and invest in alternative assets, according to a press release.

The firm prevents investors from participating in investment opportunities around the globe by alleviating the cross-border payment. They do so by accepting Bitcoin and Ether as payment for investing in venture capital funds, real estate, entertainment financing, and hedge funds.

Through the tokenizing of the financial assets, they can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. WealthBlock, in turn, is seeking to fulfill the liquidity promise of security tokens and provide investors with extra flexibility while investing in historically illiquid assets.

Along with the blockchain technology advancement, WealthBlock has also developed its own cryptocurrency called the TRIM Token. The reason for developing its own cryptocurrency is to facilitate the operation and development of the WealthBlock.AI community. Users can use the Trim token to pay for any services on the WealthBlock platform such as management fees, service fees, transaction fees, technology fees, and other fees at a fixed rate of $0.2 for every TRIM token.

“Through frequent use of the platform, token holders will be the direct beneficiaries of the cost-effective services that WealthBlock will provide, including efficiencies across payments, asset transfer and custody, and dividend reinvestment. TRIM also provides the WealthBlock organization the tools needed to incentivize and grow its ecosystem, thus making token holders and platform users direct beneficiaries,” read the blog post.

On a limited time basis, users can earn TRIM tokens by referring the WealthBlock platform. These TRIM tokens can be used to pay fees for technology during investment activities on the platform. Also, users will earn 50 TRIM if they join WealthBlock’s Telegram channel.

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