WeChat app saying no to cryptocurrency price analysis & Bitmain 22735 WeChat blocks cryptocurrency related apps
Ashmita Dutta
Sep 10, 2018 at 7:55 PM

The messaging app, WeChat is now taking steps to restrict distribution of sales content of Bitmain and price analysis of cryptocurrency. On Monday, "antminersale" the WeChat ID of the bitcoin miner maker, Bitmain gets blocked. Initially, the app has taken measures to block completely the accounts involving cryptocurrency.

The notice

Previously, when a content was being searched by the account directed to a page that now states violation of rules have occurred. According to the notice, "Following users' complaints, the platform [WeChat] has reviewed and discovered that this account – without having acquired authorized credentials or licenses – has been publishing and distributing information of relevant businesses it is involved in."

A representative of the messaging app has, indeed, not provided any response regarding the reason for blocking the channel. It is also to be taken under consideration that another official account of Bitmain known as "antminer_official" that renders product data for the mining equipment has remained in an active state.

Currently, Tencent, a colossal in the world of internet has the ownership of the most renowned and extensively used messaging app of China, WeChat. Lately, it has taken initiative to completely block those accounts providing information based on price prediction of cryptocurrencies and its analysis.

An example can be cited here of "Goldcoins" that happens to be an official account of a user on Zhihu, a platform similar to that of Quora. Since nine months the user had been posting market analysis of cryptocurrencies and yet faced no obstacle. However, at present the user has given a confirmation that WeChat has stopped displaying the feed. Also, Delphy, a blockchain project's official account has also been blocked on Monday. Delphy is an application based on Ethereum that is akin to the prediction protocol of Augur.

WeChat has given the same statement and explanation for censoring the accounts as present on the sales channel of Bitmain. This stringent measure is preceded by Tencent's action against the prominent cryptocurrency based media sources functional in China. Few of those sources have been allegedly associated with distributing ICO data on the messaging app. Till now, as per CoinDesk's verification report, WeChat has blocked 30 accounts dealing with digital currencies and blockchain technology

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