Will John McAfee give $250K to IT geek claiming Bifi ‘Unhackable’ Wallet, hackable? 20109
Roshni Vayyapuri
Aug 2, 2018 at 2:47 PM

John McAfee had recently challenged hackers to hack his "unhackable" Bitfi Wallet. But the crypto developers and enthusiasts feel it can still be hacked.

A Crypto geek recently challenged McAFee saying that there is root access, a patched firmware and can confirm to the unhackable Bitfi wallet's dashboard. There is no security as claimed by the Bitfi, he added.

McAfee, who’s best known for his McAfee antivirus software, partnered with the hardware-based wallet company Bitfi last month. The programmer claims that the wallet is highly secure which stores users cryptocurrency encryption keys in a secured device. The wallet allows users to sync users Bitfi "wallet ID" with the device. In addition to this users need to set a secret phrase. The combination of all will keep the users' wallet safe and secure.

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In a tweet this week, McAfee challenged anyone to hack the Bitfi cryptowallet. And whoever succeeds will get a $100,000 “bounty” from Bitfi. In the tweet, McAfee said that the task will be impossible and called his wallet the “world’s first unhackable device.”

Recently he tweeted again, after increasing the bounty to a value of $250,00, "We are increasing the bounty for hacking the BitFi.com wallet to $250,000. The rules require you to empty the contents of a BitFi wallet that we have pre-loaded and have sent to you. You must pay for the wallet and its contents. Rules at BitFi.com/bounty"

John McAfee has not responded to the IT geeks tweet or has confirmed the wallet is hacked. The whole challenge appears to be a publicity stunt. To participate in the challenge, one should buy a Bitfi wallet which will be preloaded with coins. $50 has to be paid for the wallet. If the challenge is successfully cleared, John McAfee will give a bounty of $250,000 for the hacker.

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