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Pinaz Kazi
Oct 1, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Tron Foundation recently announced that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is building an ecosystem for the forecasting market. With in-depth machine learning and Swarm Intelligence-Based Physics, FCC will be able to generate reliable and secure forecasting statistics automatically.

Tron Foundation mentioned on their official post, “We use the financial forecast as an application scenario, predicting indexes in the mainstream digital currency markets and global mainstream stock exchanges within a certain period of time. We would like to present serious predictions in an entertaining way. This is the original purpose of launching the Forecast Tournament application.”

In a two-minute slot, the participants will have to predict whether the price will be going up or down, based on the trend of various indexes. They also need to predict whether the last digit of the price will be odd or even and what’s the exact last digit is. Based on the probability of each prediction, the system will be rewarding the users.

The method of forecasting with tokens has been set to increase the seriousness and rewards for correct predictions are set to rise the interest of the participants. While describing about the Forecast Tournament, Tron Foundation noted that the financial market prediction model generated will be informative and will be helping the participants in return.

According to the post, “TRON Tournament only supports betting with TRX with targets including three major stock market indexes and three hottest digital currencies to date. The reason why we put TRX here is because that this is the best spot out of all the available content.”

During the two-minute slot, the first minute will be for betting, and betting will be closed in the next minute. If anyone wants to participate after the betting is closed, they can do so by opting for other options since the awarding time is different for different options.

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