Zcash [ZEC] upgrade Sapling’s new features revealed 18432
Priyanka Babu
Jul 15, 2018 at 7:29 PM

Zcash has enlisted new features of their latest upgrade touted Sapling in their recently published blog. Sapling follows the heels of the Zcash upgrade called 1.1.2. 1.1.2 focuses on implementing internal changes which are needed for Sapling and the librustzcash and sapling-crypto libraries.  Payments over the new Sapling address will enable transactions in brief seconds and will only require 40 MB memory. Therefore mobile wallets, exchanges, vendors and other third parties can support shield addresses. The ZCash shield address facilitates better privacy for the entire network.

Latest Additions

Zcash is a cryptocurrency that revolves around the concept of privacy. Zcash, therefore, allows concealing parts of a transaction which can only be accessed with a private viewing key. The upgrade makes Sapling's viewing key more functional. This feature was only applicable to incoming transactions. However, after the update, it is extended to outgoing transactions as well.

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The cryptocurrency used transparent addresses because shielded addresses were resource intensive which required 3 gigabytes of memory which is quite large for a transaction compared to other cryptocurrencies. The new Sapling address only requires 40MB memory and will allow transactions on mobile wallets, exchanges and vendors. Sapling also has an added advantage of decoupling spend authorities which will allow parts of a transaction to divide across different hardware and wallets which can process multiple transactions from trillions of addresses.

For privacy coins like Zcash, only some parts of the blockchain are public. It is a coin that gained popularity in 2017. The company's developers are currently working on a technology which could make Blockchains extremely scalable. The number of transactions per second could potentially be amped up to millions because of this.

Zcash is currently trading at $173.98 and is gaining against USD by 0.45%. The 100 EMA line represents a continuing uptrend. The price is clearly aiming to touch $175 and looks like it can achieve the mark.

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