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Craig Wright explains how Bitcoin Cash [BCH] & blockchain technology matter in terms of trade for Africa

The Chief Scientist of nChain, Dr. Craig Wright, recently spoke about the use-case of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] in Africa and also shared how to improve the economic status there.During a conversation with CoinGeek, Wright, who is popularly known as Faketoshi said that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) enables a payment system and he believes it’s going to open up markets, giving people the ability to trade on global platform, not just regional platform. Read more

Blockchain embrace for Malaysia’s three biggest industries

With the increasing global embrace of Blockchain Technology, it seems Malaysia is following suit. The South-Asian country is looking to loop in their largest industries: renewable energypalm oil & agriculture, and Islamic Finance into the blockchain.The country-wide project will be conducted by a task-force called the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) with the objective of increasing mobility, security and transparency of data, as per a report published last week. Read more

UNDP & BCF partners as blockchain “will bring transformative solutions to social problems” 

Blockchain is spreading out its wings as United Nations Development Programme [UNDP] and Blockchain Charity Foundation [BCF] come together. The technology enjoys an edge over other existing applied sciences by not remaining confined to the domain of cryptocurrency and broadening its spectrum of application by addressing issues of society. According to an official notification, the 73rd UN General Assembly has witnessed the declaration of $1 million contribution of Blockchain Charity Fund to UNDP. Read more

Paymium’s accused of trade infringement before ICO

The term blockchain having a trademark seems absurd. Blockchain, a crypto wallet provider has accused a startup, of trade infringement acts. is a subsidiary company of Paymium, a European Bitcoin exchange. The lawsuit filed by Blockchain claims that is using its intellectual property and trying to charm investors to the startup's upcoming ICO which is misleadingly branded as Blockchain. Read more

IBM and U.S. Congressmen discuss Blockchain and Government

On 24 September, officials representing technology and legislation came together to discuss the collective benefits of adopting the Blockchain. Members of the tech giant, IBM met with the U.S. Congressional Blockchain Caucusto discuss the technology’s implementation in ID systemspayment mechanism, and supply chain. Read more

Walmart to integrate blockchain-based tracking system to ensure food safety

Making food safety its first priority, retail giant Walmart has wasted no time in asking its suppliers of leafy greens to start using blockchain in order to ensure “real-time, end-to-end traceability from farm to table” and to “speed up identifying, researching and reacting to food safety situations.” Read more

Raiffeisen Bank’s Russian branch uses blockchain to issue first electronic mortgage

In an interesting development, Raiffeisen Bank's Russian branch has for the first time issued an electronic mortgage using a decentralized depositary system (DDS) on the blockchain platform Masterchane on Monday, according to reports by the local media outlet Kommersant. Read more

Regium to help owners and developers to create their own dApps

Regium, a digital royalties program to make the unparalleled security and transparency of blockchain easily available to all owners and developers is introducing the platform to transform data economies, according to a press release.Even for those who do not have blockchain development experience, Regium is introducing tools. Read more

Thai banking giant tests Visa’s global B2B payments platform run on blockchain

The Thai banking giant, Kasikornbank has become the first financial institution to join the Visa B2B connect program. Visa B2B focuses on providing the financial institutions with fast and secure cross-border payments. The platform is based on a private blockchain architecture which is run by Visa Inc.“Building on the enterprise blockchain technology, Visa B2B Connect is a new transaction platform designed for the exchange of high-value international payments between participating banks on behalf of their corporate clients,” Read more

Canada vs U.S: Which is more blockchain-friendly? Bitcoin mutual fund CEO explains

Bitcoin mutual fund CEO Sean Clark recently spoke about blockchain-friendly in Canada while comparing it with the U.S. The CEO of First Block Capital Inc. — the operator of FBC Bitcoin Trust, the first bitcoin mutual fund to trade in Canada shared the factors that he thinks that make Canada a blockchain-friendly a country. Read more


Mt. Gox aftermath: Tokyo whale dumps $230 bn of Bitcoin

Mt.Gox scandal is still plaguing the exchange's creditors. The creditors have chosen an alternative legal process or a 'civil rehabilitation' which can refund their lost investments. This civil rehabilitation has led to Mt.Gox's bankruptcy trustee, Japanese lawyer Nobuaki Kobayashi, dumping chunks of Bitcoin in the market. Experts have speculated that this is a major factor that has been driving the Bitcoin prices down in the market. Read more

Bitcoin [BTC] price may climb to $40000 by the end of 2018: expert

"With growing pains also comes great growth," says Chris Kline, the Chief Operations Officer of BitcoinIRA. He remains bullish on Bitcoin despite its fall from a peak of $20000 recorded in January 2018. The financial expert is optimistic about the future of the largest cryptocurrency in the market. He sides with billionaire investor Marc Lasry to opine that BTC prices could continue its climb and touch $40000 by the end of 2018. Read more

Use fingerprint, face detection features to send Tron (TRX) from TronWallet on Android and iOS

Tron Foundation recently announced that TronWallet has launched some amazing features of Fingerprint, Face ID and Touch ID, in its Android and iOS app. With help of these features, users will be able to send Tron (TRX) all the more easily.This news comes soon after TronWallet launched its support for over 29+ languages, last week. TronWallet is Tron’s open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency wallet and by added these protection features they’re trying to enhance their security, Read more

Cryptocurrencies are not going to replace all fiat currencies: Ripple co-founder

Co-Founder of Ripple Labs Inc., Chris Larsen, recently spoke at the CFCon USA 2018 sharing about the blockchain technology revolution, what Ripple is trying to do, what changes it’s trying to bring and how there’s no future without globalization.While speaking, Larsen called blockchain as the most hyped technology that’s available in the present date. Like any other hyped projects, some are bound to fail. Read more

North Korea using crypto to subvert International Sanctions

North Korea, the hermit kingdom on the Korean Peninsula is reportedly using cryptocurrencies and other related virtual assets to undermine the international sanctions imposed on them by the global community.According to two experts based in the American capital, Washington D.C., Lourdes Miranda and Ross Delston, Kim Jong-un's kingdom is reportedly dealing in and even establishing their own cryptocurrencies. Miranda is an independent financial intelligence analyst and an investigator specializing in financial crimes and intelligence collection, while Delston is an independent Washington attorney and specialist in cases that are centered around anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CTF). Read more

Japanese ATM converts Ripple’s XRP to Cash in seconds

Ripple and XRP is trying to change lives, make the crypto space closer to people than ever. Currently, Ripple’s XRP is meeting all the basic crypto demands in terms of speed, security and control. In fact, transactions can be settled in seconds.After the rise of Ripple, a number of companies is also moving towards achievement of the company’s ambition. One of the most amazing developments of XRP in the recent was its partnership with Wirex. Read more

Bank for International Settlements: Crypto-prices fluctuate with regulations

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has recently released a study around the movement of several cryptocurrencies’ prices and co-related it with regulatory actions by respective central banks. Cryptocurrencies are often touted for their decentralized nature which allows them to break free from the shackles of domestic and international regulations, however, these guidelines still have an effect on them. Read more

New Exchange launched with Bitcoin Cash [BCH] as base exchange pair

A new exchange entitled was recently launched which will use the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the underlying pair for all transactions. At first, trading will take place with Bitcoin against Bitcoin Cashfollowed by with other crypto pairs like Ethereum and Doge against the base pair.The fourth largest cryptocurrency in the market by market capitalization, Bitcoin Cash does not have a lot of trading pairs in crypto-exchanges. Read more

ETH Global’s next hackathon to be held in San Francisco

ETH San Francisco will be the next biggest hackathon by ETH Global. The event will take place from 5-7 October at the Palace of Fine Arts.According to the website, it is being touted as the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon. The event has previously been held in many places which include Denver, Colorado; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Bangalore, India; and Berlin, Germany. Read more

Andreessen Horowitz backs MakerDAO, buys 6 percent of MKR token supply

Stablecoins are in vogue these days and they are becoming big business. In a $15 million deal, Andreessen Horowitz’s 300 million dollar crypto fund a16z has purchased 6 percent of the total MakerDAO’s (MKR) token supply, according to an announcement by MakerDao. MakerDAO also received $12 million in a round led by Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital in December 2017. Read more

SBI seeks ”cashless promotion” with new ”S coin” for settling mobile payment

SBI Group, which stands out in Japanese financial market, now aims cashless system by trialling new "S Coin" for settling payments on mobile. In an official notification released on 25th September, it is mentioned that SBIHoldings, the bank's investment agency has issued settlements with Orb and Glory Corporation leveraging blockchain based "S Coin Platform." Read more

4.8 million Bitcoins held in individual wallets: Report

new data report says that companies and long-term investors do not hold much bitcoin but it is the active individual users who hold an increasing amount of bitcoins in their wallets.As of August 31, as per the report, the number of bitcoins held in individual wallets whose transactional level was a mid-range one was found to be 4.8 million or 32 percent approximately. It has increased by 1 million from the end of 2017, where 3.8 million or 26 percent of bitcoin was found in the wallets of individuals. Read more

U.S. financial giants to meet lawmakers on Tuesday to discuss cryptocurrency policing

Well, things have started to move on in the cryptocurrency space in the U.S., with new developments taking place every day. To many, this seems to be a sign of things to come and the crypto world is keeping its fingers crossed in anticipation of something good.In another such move nearly 50 representatives are set to meet with Washington lawmakers in an attempt to have a comprehensive regulatory framework in place, which some say is incomplete and murky, reports CNBC. Read more

After PSG and Avai FC, it’s now Juventus FC’s turn to launch its own cryptocurrency

After a series of football clubs like Paris Saint Germain (PSG)Avai Futebol Clube (AFC), and others entered the crypto world to launch its own cryptocurrency with an initial coin offering, Juventus, a major team in the Italian Serie A has launched the same.The club announced this Monday that it will launch its own cryptocurrency “fan token” Read more

Gemini catches south wind as it gears up to venture into UK market

Gemini, a New York-based digital asset exchange, is setting up its sails for its voyage to the UK. The crypto trading platform, set up by the Winklevoss twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, has reportedly hired advisers to explore a potential entry into Britain, Financial Times reported, citing sources familiar with the matter.“Gemini continues to explore potential jurisdictions around the globe to provide a best-in-class digital asset exchange and custodian which will enable growth and infrastructure to the entire digital asset community,” Gemini stated, as per the report. Read more

Ex- Bitcoin maximalist & Roger Ver explain why people are switching from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver, CEO of, recently had a conversation with Zane Tackett, head of OTC sales at crypto loquidity provider B2C2. During the discussion, they spoke about institutions and cryptocurrency enthusiasts switching from Bitcoin [BTC] to Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and other altcoins. According to Roger Ver, Tackett has seen progression since he used to be a BTC Maximalist and was someone who did not care much for BCH. Adding to which, Tackett mentioned that he regularly used BTC and also accepted his salary in the form of the cryptocurrency. Read more

Cardano [ADA] CEO hints at upcoming events ahead of first anniversary

Cardano [ADA] community is going to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its release on September 29, Charles Hoskinson revealed in a short video posted on Twitter. Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano, said that special celebrations will be conducted in Tokyo, apart from celebratory events that will be conducted 'throughout the world'. Read more

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