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Jun 9, 2018 at 7:10 PM



Blockchain Service Platform launched by SAP

Blockchain cloud platform launched by SAP. A multinational enterprise application company SAP has launched his own digital platform.The announcement was made on Wednesday; this cloud-based service is designed to provide innovation with a framework to make business application in addition to blockchain systems like Hyperledger Fabric. Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain platform which was started by Linux Foundation, wherein SAP is also the major contributor. Read more

Bitcoin to be used for selling Andy Warhol’s Art- through Ethereum Blockchain

Bitcoin is accepted for purchasing Andy Warhol’s art. By the end of June, an Art gallery in London will be conducting an art auction for a portion of Andy Warhol’s 1980 work 14 Small Electric Chairs for cryptocurrencies. Mayfair based Dadiani Fine Art in London upmarket, through its luxury marketplace Dadiani Syndicate and in partnership with blockchain platform Maecenas Fine Art 49% of the Warhol work for sale in June. Read more

Deloitte and ICON ink blockchain MOU agreement

Deloitte and ICON have officially joined hands by signing an agreement which is intended towards empowering and developing blockchain projects.Deloitte has been a major player when it comes to blockchain projects. Over the years, they have been working extensively on blockchain, thereby developing and bringing over 30 blockchain projects to the market. Now that Deloitte blockchain labs and ICON have partnered up, it is said that several new blockchain start-ups will be highly benefitted. Read more


Ripple (XRP)’s xCurrent to facilitate crossborder payments at Amercian Express

Ripple (XRP)’s xCurrent tool will be used by American Express, or AMEX to carry out cross border payments. American Express is a world renowned international financial services company which provides their customers with banking and payments solutions. Overall, the financial services giant is estimated to hold a revenue of around $33 Billion with over 50,000 people in their employ. Ripple is the Blockchain company behind the cryptocurrency XRP, which is the 3rd largest digital currency according to market capRipple which has been on a collaborating spree of late has definitely hit the jack pot with this! Read more

Huobi- Singapore based Cryptocurrency Exchange seeks Decentralization

Huobi chain, one of largest cryptocurrency exchanges based in Singapore plans to invest $100 million for building Huobi Chain. The exchange plans to shift its operations onto the blockchain after the project is complete.According to the reports by Bloomberg Huobi plans to become decentralized autonomous organization by making changes in traditional management structure to code and community-based decision making. There won’t be any need of the third party to verify financial transactions. Also, the entry of members on the network will not be controlled by any entity. Read more

Stellar Lumens [XLM] is being productive without creating a stir

Stellar Lumens [XLM], unlike the other coins out there is not very outspoken about their accomplishments in the market. Speculators are of the thought that the digital currency is silent without being a competition to the other currencies. The other altcoins are racing against each other in every aspect to come out the winner. But Stellar did announce the 7th edition of the Stellar Build Challenge (SBC) which officially went live on June 5th. Read more

Litecoin (LTC) might be used for airline ticketing payments in future

Litecoin (LTC) holders might have a bright future ahead. It seems that its #paywithLitecoin campaign is gaining traction all over the world.Moreover, they are planning different airport-related services such as recently, the CEO of Wirex tweeted mentioning that Tesla airport shuttle is accepting payments in Litecoin. This is a huge thing as it hints at its growing adoption as currency and it will increase its long-term value in the market. Read more

Huobi Starts in the US with New Exchange HBUS

Huobi, the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange, is starting a new virtual currency marketplace in the US through a new entity called HBUS. HBUS has started its office in San Francisco. Huobi states that it hopes to get more customer onboard thanks to its user-friendly interface and a wide array of cryptocurrencies. According to the press release, Huobi's US arm, HBUS, plans to grow “aggressively”, forging alliances and partnerships with blockchain projects and offering discounts and giveaways to new customers. Read more

MOEX, Moscow Exchange prepares infrastructure to Conduct

MOEX, the Moscow Exchange is gearing up to enhance the infrastructure that will permit companies to conduct Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). According to the reports from Reuters, ICO is expected to launch this year. MOEX is developing the basic infrastructure in order to facilitate the companies to actively take part in ICOs and publish token sale data. CEO of MOEX, Alexander Afanasiev stated the exchange will not enlist tokens. However, they have agreed to provide information about the responsibilities of token issues along with the detailed explanation of some tokens and ICOs to investors. Read more

Zcash [ZEC] analyses ASIC miners in the community of Zcash – Equihash

Zcash [ZEC] Foundation on 7th June, 2018 has officially handed over the task of ASIC miner investigation to Luxembourg University researcher. The two distinctive researchers associated with the University of Luxembourg are Daniel Feher and Alex Biryukov. The research revolves around the involvement of ASIC miners in Zcash [ZEC] and Equihash community. BCFocus has previously reported about the increase in Zcash [ZEC] price by 50% in the month of May, 2018. Read more

Ripple (XRP) vs. SWIFT: The race for largest market share in cross border payments

Ripple (XRP) is headed for some fierce competition in the cross border payments landscape. And in this race to grab the largest market share in this landscape, Ripple is giving fierce competition to SWIFT. One of the largest financial messaging systems in the world, the SWIFT international payment network enables international payments via its network. And competition is the best way to bring out the best products. While this is a good thing, Ripple does seem to be swimming in troubled waters. A new lawsuit was filed against the Blockchain based start-up recently claiming that their XRP tokens are securities. Read more

Bithumb Found Not Guilty of Tax Evasion But Slapped With a Massive Tax Bill

Bithumb, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, has successfully come out of the tax investigation but faces a massive tax bill nonetheless. South Korea's National Tax Service conducted an investigation into Bithumb in January this year as a part of a broader smackdown on digital exchanges.A South Korean news outlet eToday reported," The National Tax Service (NTS) has confirmed the tax on the Bithumb, the largest virtual currency exchange in Korea, on August 8. The related tax amount is estimated to reach 30 billion won. This is in accordance with the results of an in-depth tax audit conducted by the Internal Revenue Service against Bitsum. However, the IRS did not find any illegal activities such as tax evasion" Read more

Zilliqa (ZIL) Goes Live on Zebpay, Indian Crypto Exchange

Zilliqa(ZIL) is the next-gen high throughput blockchain platform. Zilliqa blockchain is designed to solve scalability concerns. It executes more transactions per second as more mining nodes enter the network. Zilliqa trading is live on Zebpay platform. Users can buy, sell and trade Zilliqa (ZIL) in India with Zebpay Zilliqa wallet and exchange. This week has been quite eventful for Zilliqa. It got listed for trading on KryptonoEx starting today. Kryptono Exchange is a world-class cross-blockchain Crypto Exchange platform with peer-to-peer fiat conversion feature. Trading pairs offered on the platform include ZIL/ETH and ZIL/BTC. Read more


Tron (TRX): Gaming industry might take this crypto to new heights

Tron (TRX) has not lived up to the price expectations of the people, post main net launch. However, the future of the coin is expected to be very bright.There are a number of industries that can make good use of the Tron blockchain and raise its value up. According to a Cyryptoglobalist report, game developers are launching cool games on the blockchain. The report suggests that the games might even go viral, helping in driving up its value. For example, Cropbytes, a game that is already running on the Tron blockchain. Read more

EOS (EOS): Votes are in, launch to take place very soon

EOS (EOS) has been listed on BitMEX, the Co-Founder, and CEO of the platform, Arthur Hayes officially confirmed the news by announcing it on Twitter on June 7.It is now available for trading. Hayes tweeted saying: “Is $EOS a shitcoin or the real deal Holyfield? Trade $EOSM18 with 20x leverage on BitMEX.” According to AMB Crypto report, Hayes claims that he brings a strong understanding of the trading structure by adding EOS to their platform. Read more

BookiePro Begins Public Beta With Five-Bitcoin Prize Fund for World Cup

BookiePro, the world's first fair sports betting exchange, today declared the launch of its much-awaited public beta,, in run up for 2018 World Cup. "Our goal is to solve many of the frustrations that customers currently have with betting exchanges and to build a product that delivers on the original vision of peer-to-peer betting. The Peerplays blockchain has enabled us to do just that," said Jonathan Baha'i, President of the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA). "Today, I'm thrilled to announce the public beta launch of the first provably fair sports betting app, BookiePro." Read more

Binance Labs says Decentralization is Investment Focus Sector: Reddit AMA

Binance labsblockchain technology incubator conducted an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on Reddit on June 6. The session was exclusively conducted for investments in crypto and blockchain projects. On the AskMeAnything session, the main topic that was discussed was about decentralization. One of the most frequently asked questions was whether a fully decentralized crypto exchange is possible. Binance lab director Benjamin Rameau responded to a question saying the company is developing multiple projects in the crypto space, and “fully decentralized exchanges” will be soon established. He also added that the present decentralized exchanges lack high-speed transactions and scalability problems. Read more

Ontology (ONT) MainNet Token Swap Gets Backing from OKEx

Ontology (ONT) officially announced that they will launch the MainNet on June 30 and will start the token swap in July. After the release, all NEP-5 ONT must complete registration to transition to the Ontology MainNet. Owing to the complexity involved in the process, OKEx urged its users to deposit their ONT tokens into OKEx.OKEx assured all technical assistance to complete the seamless migration. The platform guaranteed the security of transferred token to allay fears of users. Ontology applies a dual token (ONT and ONG) model. At first, ONT is a NEP-5 token and does not release ONG. Post Ontology’s MainNet launch, users will be able to exchange NEP-5 ONT for ONT on the Ontology MainNet, which will start to release ONG periodically. Read more

IOTA (MIOTA) collaborates with Nordic Semiconductors and NTNU University

IOTA (MIOTA) announced their collaboration with Nordic Semiconductors and NTNU University last week. The cryptocurrency company announced that they will work with the Norwegian companies to build data marketplaces on IOTA’s platform. The partnership will further enhance IOTA’s development with real world applications. The cryptocurrency dropped to the 10th position for a while with Tron (TRX) taking up the ninth spot. But this was mainly because of the Tron Mainnet launch and MIOTA reclaimed its spot soon after. This recent collaboration by IOTAcomes shortly after they announced a partnership with Norway’s largest financial services, DNB ASA. Read more

EOS (EOS), Bitcoin cash (BCH) double-digit gainers among the top 15

EOS (EOS) and Bitcoin cash (BCH) are the gainers in double-digits of the week among the top 15 coins as mentioned by CoinMarketCap. Though both the coins faced a lot of criticism in their early stages, they are now slowly growing and developing. Bitcoin Cash’s founder Roger Ver has been propagating his coin in the market and even recently wrote a quirky tweet: “Everything has scaled exponentially except for BTC. This is why I support BCH.” Recently, a number of events have made the adoption of Bitcoin Cash easier. Such as, encrypted messaging app, Keyport allows users to connect to the Bitcoin Cash network so that their messages are not censored by a third party. Read more


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