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Blockchain introduced in Taiwan Hospital to improve Medical Record Keeping

Blockchain powered platform has been introduced by the Taipei Medical University Hospital to better keep medical records, reported the Taipei Time on 31st August.The “Healthcare Blockchain Platform” was set up by the hospital with the objective to provide due support to the Hierarchical Medical System policy, enable a better patient referral service and assimilate related healthcare networks with an overarching theme of maintaining the medical records in an orderly and easy manner. Access to this is granted via a password protected mobile application. Read more


Cryptocurrency crimes on the horizon for Thailand

The incidence of high crime in Thailand, especially those related to cryptocurrencies is expected to skyrocket according to a study that focused on illegal and cross-border organised crime.The study was carried out by the Thailand Institute of Justice (TJI), and the UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute and reported by the national newspaper The Phuket News. Read more

Ripple snubbed for Stellar by Tempo Money Transfer

Several spheres of the financial world are now facilitated using a multitude of advanced blockchain technology and this has led to greater public exposure and use of crypto-currencies.Ripple and Stellar are at the forefront of the crypto-fintech partnership in the sphere of cross-border transactions. They are specialized to provide solutions to companies in the banking and payment sector. The objective may be the same, but the means certainly differ, Stellar operates on a decentralized platform whereas Ripple prefers a centralized approach. Read more

Philippines Remittance Market looks to Ethereum (ETH) as the Future

The Philippines has been a growing economy for some time, owing to that researches, studying the country’s remittance market conclude that a growth spurt will be experienced by 2023.Ken Research spearheaded the study, which affirmed the use of cryptocurrency being the transforming factor that will push the country’s financial sector and bring forth growth. Read more

Former Ripple CTO’s brainchild Coil launches closed beta

Stefan Thomas, former CTO of Ripple and inventor of the Interledger protocol, has launched a closed beta. The project which he called Coil was launched in May when he left Ripple. In an interview, Thomas detailed the closed beta, describing the initiative as a way to provide a level playing field for content creators. The Coil project aims to monetize through XRP micropayments, instead of supporting content by advertising, paywalls, or selling user data. Read more

Crypotjacking provides limited profits, study suggests

Well, if you thought cryptojacking was a profitable business, think again. You would be surprised to know that the amount of money an average cryptojacker makes per day is well below the developed world’s poverty line.This has been highlighted in a report titled, “Web-based Cryptojacking in the Wild,” conducted by the researchers at Germany’s Braunschweig University of Technology. The study revealed that there are some exceptions, like some high-traffic websites which profit handsomely from cryptojacking, the average ones only manage to reap minimal returns. Read more

McAfee-backed Bitfi admits to being hackable, ropes in new security manager

Bitfi is in the process of shrugging off the John Mcafee declaration that the Bitfi wallet is unhackable. A recent tweet from the company stated the claim to be 'counterproductive' to the mass adoption of virtual currencies and they will remove the unhackable claim from their branding. However, Mcafee, the originator of the claim, is still standing by his word, according to his tweet. Read more

Will Turkey’s love for cryptos continue?

It hasn’t been a smooth ride for cryptocurrencies this year, as some investors had hoped for. Bitcoin rose spectacularly last year to hit nearly $20,000 and then plummeted equally dramatically. But things are not as bad as they appear on the surface.While the U.S. is still struggling to find the right mix of caution and enthusiasm in dealing with cryptocurrencies, there are some emerging markets which are making rapid strides in opening the cryptocurrency market. Read more

Mozilla Firefox will soon block crypto mining malware automatically

Mozilla Firefox, an open-source web browser, said that it will soon start blocking crypto mining malware scripts, in a move to enhance its performance. The Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the browser, said it plans to block trackers and other harmful practices in its upcoming releases.In a blog post by Nick Nguyen, VP Firefox Product at Mozilla, he talked about how websites deploy cryptomining scripts which silently mine cryptocurrencies on the user’s device. Read more

IBM introduces new payments project built on Stellar protocol 

Stellar and International Business Machine Corporation [IBM] are working closely for a breakthrough in the payments technology. Recent news reports state that the company has built a new project on the Stellar protocol named IBMBlockchain World Wire.  IBM has been trying to join the world of the blockchain for over a year and has taken over more than 400 blockchain projects. Read more

Japanese retail giant Rakuten acquires crypto exchange ‘Everybody’s Bitcoin’

Japanese biggest online retail giant Rakuten is planning to enter the cryptocurrency market in a big way. In an announcement on Friday, the company revealed the details of its 100% acquisition of Tokyo-based crypto exchange ‘Everybody’s Bitcoin’ in a ¥265 million ($2.4 million) deal which is expected to go through on October 1.Rakuten, Japan’s largest e-commerce company, said it expected crypto payments in e-commerce as well as offline retail and peer-to-peer payments to grow in the future and had been planning to enter the sector as a conglomerate. Read more

Bitcoin [BTC] bubble saved from an imminent burst; Dutch Central Bank Advisor

Google has made a killing on the internet playground and has infested the information society. The internet giant is being called by names like Google Guru, the overlord of the information society. It has found a way to be the best search engine available on the internet preferred by the popular masses. Google has established its monopoly in the virtual world showcasing almost 90% share of the search advertising business. Even the content posted on any website depends on the 'Google trends' statistics. According to a CNBC report, a research found that Google searchwas successfully able to manipulate the Bitcoin prices. Read more

India’s cryptocurrency “dangerous” if backed by govt identity system: Antonopoulos

Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos believes that if India plans to develop its own cryptocurrency backed by centralized identity, it would be “incredibly dangerous”. He echoes concerns raised by many in the crypto community regarding governments issuing their own virtual currencies, since this would defeat a defining feature of digital assets – decentralization. Read more

Pope Francis is target for crypto scammers promoting fake giveaway on Twitter

On the popular social media platform, Twitter, Pope Francis has been the recent target of scammer promoting false crypto giveaways. Pope Francis, the sovereign head of Vatican City is recently victimised by bot accounts operating on Twitter. This bot account network is responsible for the promotion of fraudulent cases of crypto giveaways along with ICO scamming. Read more

Ripple co-founder speaks about the “fundamental problem” speedbreaking globalization

Chris Larsen, the co-founder of Ripple, who is also an angel investor, sat down with Forbes at their Philanthropy Summit, where he discussed the “fundamental problem that needs to be solved” to ensure the successful adoption of globalization. He is of the opinion that to achieve globalization at a comprehensive level, capital is very imperative.Larsen said: "We only have those two things - data and goods. Without the money part, globalization doesn’t work. It is incomplete." Read more

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