‘Next Generation Windows’ Is Coming Very Soon, Microsoft Says

Build 2021 started off with the classic opening speech from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. During this introduction in which Nadella focused on the challenges and opportunities of the present and the future for Microsoft and developers, the director of Microsoft had the opportunity to advance the existence of a “new Windows generation ”.

The successor to Windows 10 is on the way

Everything indicates that Microsoft will soon convene a specialized event on Windows intended for end consumers and the specialized press during the month of June. At this event, they will present “the new Windows” which will succeed the current operating system with significant new features in the user interface. These include rounded corners, a new Start menu, file explorer, taskbar, action center, and more.

These are the exact words of Satya Nadella:

We will soon be presenting one of the most significant Windows updates of the last decade, which will provide great monetization opportunities for developers and creators. I have been using it myself for a few months now and am very excited about this new generation of Windows. That’s our promise: we’ll create more opportunities for every developer and welcome any creator who is looking for the newest, most innovative and open platform to build, distribute and monetize their apps. We look forward to sharing more very soon.

With these words, Satya Nadella also makes a special reference to the new Windows Microsoft Store, which has been completely rebuilt to be faster, much better aesthetically and to offer new possibilities to developers.

Again, Microsoft is not officially talking about a “Windows 10 update” but of the “next generation of Windows”. Everything indicates that we could be confronted with a new operating system (marketed under the name of Windows 11 or any other). This would make perfect sense because the changes both in user interface and in functionality and possibilities are too great. With much less other operating systems have made the leap to the next version.

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