‘Next Tourism Generation’, the debate on the training offer for future tourism professionals

‘Next Tourism Generation’, the debate on the training offer for future tourism professionals

Turijobs, the leading tourism and hospitality employment website, together with CEHAT, the Spanish Confederation of Hotel and Tourist Accommodation, brings together different tourism agents (training schools, employers, government institutions and job search professionals) to jointly define the NTG and combine the training offer with market needs.

A collaborative framework to reduce the gap between training and the job market.

CEHAT and Turijobs are organizing this debate together, with personalities from the tourism and hospitality sector, with the aim of generating a framework for collaboration in Spain. This framework will be in which the skill needs of NTG or of the next generation of tourism professionals can be shared, on a recurring basis, and where the training offer is properly structured to meet them. This debate will be held every two years to gradually integrate the new skills identified as necessary based on professional market trends in the skills catalog.

The first edition, to be held online on November 25, will feature the participation of Manuela Hernán Fernández, Directorate of Planning, Evaluation and Evaluation of Training at FUNDAE, as a government representative; Marcos Valera, Director of Human Resources at Vincci Hoteles, as a company or employer representative; Miriam Tirado representing professionals in the sector; and José Antonio Pérez-Aranda, director of the university school of the CETT-UB campus, as the training representative. The moderators of this debate will be Ana María Camps, responsible for training and studies at CEHAT, and Xavier Martin CEO and founder of Turijobs.

Ana María Camps explains that “at CEHAT, we are convinced that investing in the qualification of professionals will improve the competitiveness of companies that make up the value chain of the tourism sector, while improving the social recognition of the profession and the retention of Talent. Likewise, the skills of these professionals will make the technological innovation already present in our sector more effective ”.

“At Turijobs, we want to actively participate in the change, progress and improvement of the tourism and hospitality sector, by bringing together qualified talents from companies in the sector. To do this, we must ensure that communication flows between all the agents who make up the sector, understand the professional needs of companies and transfer them to training centers so that they adequately prepare the professionals of the future, on which the future of the industry ”, shares Xavier Martin, CEO and founder of Turijobs.

This framework for debate and collaboration will improve the relationship, collaboration and productivity between education and industry and will provide the actors who compose it with all the basic modules in digital, ecological and social skills necessary for the professional generation. from the future.

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