NHS workers fall in love at ICU: first encounter in PPE kit, eye to eye, something happened in love …

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Two people met in the intensive care unit of a hospital in England and fell in love without looking at their faces. Their entire bodies were covered in PPE kits and only the eyes had a conversation between them. London sitting in full view
Two people met in intensive care at a hospital in England and fell in love without seeing their faces. The entire body was covered with a PPE kit, and only the eyes interacted with each other. The agents of the National Health Service met for the first time in an intensive care unit. Olive Foster, a nurse at Royal Shreyasbury Hospital, met Helen Burch, who works in the operating ward, when she was transferred to another ward.

The two were absolutely covered in PPE kits, when their eyes met and they started talking through their eyes. They had eye conversation for several weeks during the lockdown, during which they had a brief break and went to a safe place to remove their PPE kit, but the mask was still protected. After a long hiatus, the two are now a couple and are planning a vacation together after the lockdown ends.

Olive revealed that he was completely covered in a PPE kit and started dating when he didn’t even know what he looked like. He only looked at himself with his eyes. Olive reports that Helen’s eyes are beautiful. Helen, a single mother, worked in the ortho department, but due to the confinement she herself came to the ICU to serve her. She came to her room with Olive. The two didn’t know each other, but as soon as they came, they started to understand each other’s gesture language.

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