Nicolas Maduro Wife US Divorce: Venezuelan President Claims, US Gives My Wife Divorce Greed

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The President of Venezuela claimed that the United States had lured my wife into divorce, while President Maduro said that the United States’ Special Representative, Elliot Abrams, had lured the woman to the woman. The bet will help
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claimed that the United States instigated my wife Cilia Flores to divorce. President Maduro told a live press conference that the United States Special Representative for Venezuela and Iran Elliot Abrams lured my wife by telling her that the United States administration would unconditionally help her if she was divorcing.

Maduro said: “We’ve always had a relationship through Donald Trump’s messengers … Elliot was involved as well.” He said that once an American envoy proposed to my wife Cilia through a person to divorce the President of Venezuela. President Maduro said the US envoy sent the message that “If Cilia divorces Maduro, you will be able to travel abroad and we will give you full support.”

America’s relations with Venezuela are very bad
The president said that after this offer, Cilia looked me in the eye and gave me a hug and said, “Never”. Maduro said: “This is not a novel. It’s the truth. Americans think we are corrupt and very rich. The US envoy said you can take all your money with you. Let us know that relations between America and Venezuela have been very bad over the past decade.

The United States has imposed severe economic sanctions on Venezuela, alleging human rights violations and election rigging. George Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump have all maintained these restrictions. There are allegations that the United States supported the failed uprising against Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chavez. Trump has also imposed restrictions on Venezuela’s oil exports.

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