Nigeria: beat in the morning, eat once… Children heard the story of Boko Haram victim – Nigerian schoolchildren released return home, recount Boko Haram beatings and atrocities against hunger

Schoolchildren who have been released from Boko Haram captivity in Nigeria told stories of the atrocities committed by this Islamic terrorist organization. These children, dressed in dust-soaked clothes, looked nervous and tired even after reaching Katsina. These children were introduced to President Muhammadu Buhari before meeting their parents. Where these innocent people spoke openly about the barbaric attack by terrorists.

Children told the story of oppression

The children said they looked like dacoits, but they described themselves as members of the Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram. They beat us every morning and every night. We had a lot of pain after beating him. Throughout the day they gave us food once and water twice.

Boko Haram kidnapped last Friday

Explain that these children were abducted by a Boko Haram activist from a boarding school in Katsina State last Friday. After that, the head of this terrorist organization Abu Bakar Shekhu issued an audio message and claimed responsibility for the attack. He said that Western education is provided in this school, which is against the principles of Islam.

Army received action after receiving intelligence

The Nigerian military said it had received specific information on the whereabouts of the children. After that, all these children were saved in the action taken. However, the military did not release any other information relating to the campaign. The government also did not say whether a ransom was paid for it.

Questions raised by the government’s request

The Nigerian government and military are often heard claiming that they have ruined the terrorist organization Boko Haram. However, the local population does not believe this claim by the government and the military. It is true that Boko Haram has suffered a lot in the battles with the army. However, each time this organization does great harm to the army and the people.

Boko Haram is a strong supporter of Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law

In the ideology defended by Boko Haram, it is strictly forbidden for Muslims to vote and be secular. He calls for the implementation of Sharia law around the world. Its founder Maulvi Mohammad Yusuf also built a mosque, which has become a major jihadist recruiting center these days. This organization carries out attacks by turning children into human bombs.

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