Night work increases workers’ occupational risks and it is important to provide companies with tools to prevent them.

Night work increases workers’ occupational risks and it is important to provide companies with tools to prevent them.

Night work exposes employees to certain risks that could impact their health. The circadian cycles (the body’s biological clock) are altered, since it reverses the biological rhythm which is responsible for marking the activity of the body according to the hours of sunshine and temperature, implying various risks for the health of the body. ’employee. But, with the right tools and advice, they can be avoided, you can make sure that you do not harm your physical and mental health and thus enjoy good health on any shift.

Some of the negative effects that night work can cause are changes in diet due to schedules. The decline in performance which affects both the worker’s private life and his or her productivity at work. Sleep disorders, which can cause various pathologies and disorders such as narcolepsy. This increases the mental load, worsens the reaction time in executions, so that it directly influences the execution of work tasks, in addition to having consequences on mental and emotional health, among others.

Some tips for its prevention are to maintain a balanced diet, even if the employee has to change the schedules, but he must not forget to eat a diet complete with all the nutrients and good hydration. Plan the hours for sleeping and eating so that the body gets used to the routine. Get the necessary hours of sleep and rest, preventing light from entering the room. The practice of sports which, in addition to helping to fall asleep, helps to maintain good mental and physical health. And, another tip would be to take active breaks during the work day.

A company that is aware of the health of its employees is a healthier company that promotes team safety. And, this fact contributes to involvement and motivation, in addition to reducing accidents, improving productivity and the image of the company itself. Platforms such as WellWo’s are made available to companies to integrate, through audiovisual material and online courses, healthy habits among workers in order to advocate for 360-degree health consisting of emotional health, physical, nutritional and environmental.

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