nine-legged octopus: the fisherman’s mother was boiling to eat octopus, the senses looking at the rare thing

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In Japan, a fisherman’s mother started cooking octopus for dinner at night when her senses flew when she saw that the octopus was eight feet, not nine feet.
The mother of a fisherman in Japan started cooking nine-legged octopus for dinner. The senses of the fisherman’s mother flew when she saw that the boiling octopus inside the boat had not eight but nine legs. This ninth foot of that octopus came out in the middle of one of its legs. The incident is from the town of Minamisanricu in Miyagi Province, Japan.

Scientists say that this extra leg of this octopus may have been born when one of its legs came out. Although the life of this octopus could not be saved due to the boiling, it has been kept at the Shijugawa Nature Center for public viewing. This red octopus measures over 6 ” (15cm) long. He was caught by fisherman Kazuya Sato along with three other octopuses.

After capturing Octopus, Sato brought him to his mother. When Sato’s mother poured this octopus into the boiling water, he felt something strange. He discovered that inside this octopus there are not eight but nine legs. This ninth leg is born in the middle of the third leg, located on the left. Takujo Abe, a researcher, said this incredible octopus is a sample of nature’s diversity.

Abe said: “I hope this has become an opportunity for people to learn the mysteries of the sea.” He suggested that one leg of this octopus may have been cut off, and the ninth leg may be pulled out when the foot reemerged. Previously, a rare octopus had been found in the United States in September. He only had 7 legs.

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