Nine out of ten teachers are now more stressed than before the pandemic

Barely 12 months ago, we were trying to conceive what should be the model of school in which our children will go from September. Well, we’re about to end this first full school year with Covid-19. A year of enormous challenges which has meant extra effort for students and teachers and principals.

To take stock of what happened during these months which have taught us so much and to prepare us to look to the future, a new edition of the Forum 2021 will be held on June 29 and 30.

This free virtual forum is aimed at teachers and those related to the world of education from all over the world, in particular principals and teachers of primary and secondary education. This year, as a novelty, the Forum 2021 will also be held in English for those interested in other languages, and will take place on June 21 and 22.

The best minds will explain in this online meeting the most effective practices for rethinking the future of school. And through presentations and round tables with the best experts in the field of educational innovation, the major structural issues of the new educational curriculum will be addressed: what skills our students must develop, what methodologies to use according to the objectives set, how assess and what teacher training is needed to bring about this change.

Because if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that not only do students need to learn, but teachers need to go the extra mile to adopt new systems that they weren’t used to working with until now. . This is reflected in the survey carried out by among teachers in Spain, Europe and Latin America, which yielded shocking results: 91% of those questioned declared that they now suffer much more stress than ‘before the pandemic, but only 61% feel sufficiently supported and prepared by their school administration. Almost 53% of teachers say they do not have enough tools and training to promote digital skills in their classroom, although all recognize the benefits that digital learning resources bring, especially for students with special needs .

On the other hand, it is striking to note that the elements considered as the most important by the schools do not coincide with the priorities of the teachers. And, when asked about dropping out of school, virtually all respondents believe it should be a priority for the government. Forum 2021 will deal with, among other things, what a SMART school is, language proficiency of students (considered a deficiency by a high percentage of teachers surveyed), assessment considered cheating or as a springboard, assessment of learning skills and teacher training.

After the success of the 2020 edition, with a participation of nearly 5,000 people, a large turnout is expected.

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